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The APPs is only to take with you the information to everywhere in smartphone but remember that we have created one advanced Web dashboard that will offer to you access to your activity and bike information using any web browser by Internet.

In the user Web Dashboard users will find detailed and extended information about activites and OEMs and DEALERs expecial areas for updates, notifications, e-bike control, resources, etc. What are you waiting for? You will need the same user account that you used in your APP.


ebikemotion® Web Dashboard is a WEB SITE that put together all the user activity information in combination with your e-bike information and combines even with third platforms as STRAVA™, Facebook® or Twitter.

By offering a FREE premium APP and dashboard cycling website to the users, we create at the same time a direct connection between the bike manufacturer and the end user. This link will leave to the user be informed about new updates for the products, communications, special offers. User can always be connected to the OEM but at the same time keep in contact for any important transaction with the DEALER network.




Dealer is one of the most important element in the supply chain. Now the Dealer could be able to control and activate and even make diagnostic using the Dealer APP. But in the Dealer’s Web Back Office we have included special resources as automatic notifications controlled by OEM, or review of the status of the e-bikes supplied by them and download resources. Other important tool made to improve the support services.



ebikemotion® Web OEM Back Office helps to the bike manufacturer to create bikes in the platform (especially interesting with e-bikes based in our technology), assigning to bikes parts with serial numbers, control the assembling, update and create process to control each part from factory to dealer.

We have included in our hardware and software tools and services to activate e-bike components installed in factory or replaced in dealers. That means more control and best service in your product. The OEM back Office will give a direct control to each bike by serial number, status ebikemotion® electronic of components installed, distance ridded and create automatic communications based in the data collected and filtered.

For the updating, firmware loading, etc, we have created special tools that you can download from this area


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