StageMotion & Nagares Automotive SA founded ebikemotion Technologies.

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StageMotion Automotive with Nagares SA just found the new company Ebikemotion Technologies SLU with the aim of centralizing in the new company all operations related to its lines of e-mobility business, especially those related to the production and marketing of systems developed for e-bike sector so as Nagares SA,  StageMotion Automotive and GND Technological Center.

The new company started operations from December 2015 with stock capital of € 125,400 and a single shareholder partner (StageMotion Automotive), to create the appropriate legal framework for entry into the shareholding of the new partners, among which NAGARES SA. The headquarters of the new company will be the same for this new adventure that StageMotion one allowing a more controlled figure mark and the investments made in this new activity that StageMotion Automotive has been investing more than 26 months within their division expansion R & D with iWoc® family products, SmartHub, etc. Nagares SA started the business relation in February 2015 and today the group Nagares after months is also part of the new shareholding.

The objective of this new company will be to streamline all operations marketing and promotion of electric mobility related mainly bicycles and mopeds products. To do StageMotion Automotive and Nagares has also made a transfer of troops in the field of innovation, as well as various patents and industrial designs and trademarks to the new company.

ebikemotion Technologies SLU has its doors open to competition in the financial markets as well as establishing partnerships and joint ventures with other Spanish companies or international level with having advanced talks.

StageMotion Automotive will continue to part of the activities of R & D for the new company, which in turn also be supported by the human, technological and production of new partner resources that are incorporated into the capital of Ebikemotion Technologies, including include the automotive electronics specialist NAGARES SA, which has acquired a substantial package of shareholding in the new company in order to redirect their technology from the automotive industry to the electric bicycle group. From January 1st, 2016 ebikemotion Technologies has become a limited company with shareholders to new investors which assets are added as the Centre for Development and Innovation GND or BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca

This new strategy will allow the staging of new components designed by members of ebikemotion Technologies, to create electric bicycles with quality standards that can only be achieved in the automotive industry.

Apart from the financial muscle and company capital, totaling € 200,000, StageMotion Automotive and Nagares SA have reinforced the new company by providing all infrastructure, human resources and management experience and project development as the company’s greatest asset. Thus ebikemotion Technologies, it becomes the largest company in the sector at the Spanish level and one of the most important of the international one, with high capacity R & D management and manufacturing all product supplied in their own facilities in different centers of the disposal of the group in Spain for the e-bike industry. This new scenario, allows the company to design its own product, working with clients in the creation of ad-hoc product, make the tracking of the manufacturing process and supply anywhere in the world from the production center in Motilla del Palancar (Cuenca, Spain) annexe blocks with more than 500 employees and generated a turnover of € 80M.

The main objectives of the new company is implementing its new iWoc® II platform, an advanced remote control for electric bicycles that combines control functions e-bike with the computing power of the Smartphone and complete with an advanced Customizable screen by brand. A human interface system, followed by a number of electronic components that the group is designing in absolute confidentiality for all major brands of American, Asian and European market, and that will be released from the hand of these brands in the spring -summer 2016 and in 2016 Eurobike.


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