ebikemotion® PRODUCT MANAGER

Creating the future e-bike platform

Work in the future e-bike platform is a difficult task, everybody has their own personal vision of what it is an e-bike and how it must work. We have hard worked in a solution to be enough flexible to adapt to different customer requirements and we have got.


The difficulty is to create simple and reliable things.

Create an smart and reliable solution using current technology, it should be easy to integrate to any manufacturer. The ebikemotion® platform is designed following the strict standards of the automotive industry, offering high quality end product tailored to customer needs

ebikemotion® HEAD OF SALES FORCE

The global solution

ebikemotion® headquarters is located in Europe, one of the most important centers in the automotive industry. This gives us the great advantage of being able to use the same sales network that we use for automotive business and also offers all the technical support that our customers require


The Smart e-bike the Smart platform

Well done things means have a plan and strategy and know how to link all the elements to reach your target. Ebikemotion® is your partner on the way.

Adaptability, Create your product

Do you design a frame and install on it a motor? Boring of doing the same to other?…. Are you thinking to create a different product for something special? Be different, we are your ally on that adventure.

Quality & reliability

In ebikemotion® company members we have decades working in the automotive industry making our job very good. Now we introduce our new e-bike platform using the same technology and philosophy, well done work.

Your future option

45 years old in the market is the best future guaranty. The company’s members of ebikemotion® Technologies shareholding has a large professional experience and are involved in all stages of product: design, creation, production and assembling.

Our Recent Work

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