New range of Merida hybrid bikes. Practically perfect.

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Is it possible to offer three entirely different bikes using the same MAHLE X35+ electric system? We can confirm that it is indeed possible if one of the world’s leading bike manufacturers is involved. Merida has just released its new range of hybrid bikes, which all integrate MAHLE electric systems.

Without ever losing that sensation of driving yourself forward with your own legs, these three lightweight hybrid bikes with the MAHLE electric system demonstrate our system’s endless capacity for customisation, meaning that they became benchmark models within their markets from the very moment they were launched.

Our X35+ electric system is very lightweight, weighing only 3.5 kg in total, so it is perfect for any kind of bike. The motor located on the back axle doesn’t interfere with the pedalling and only provides you with the assistance that you need, supporting your effort at all times but without you ever losing control or the sensation of cycling.

All the other components are also perfectly integrated into these bikes with the MAHLE X35+ system, helping to keep the design sleek, minimalist and attractive, maintaining the appearance of a conventional bike.

Now let’s briefly present each of these new models


With this new model, Merida has managed to reinvent one of the brand’s most beloved road bikes. It is an evolution of an acclaimed classic model that is perfect for both professionals and amateurs, now adapted to a new era to significantly elevate the potential of the bike and of every user.

Merida eSILEX:

Exploring new paths has always been fun, and with this bike it will be even better. You will now be able to go even further and higher, as this bike combines both physical and mechanical effort to allow you to push yourself further on every ride, without excessive exhaustion.

Merida eSPEEDER:

   While eSCULTURA is an evolution of a classic model, the new eSPEEDER has managed to take urban transport one step further. An agile and lightweight bike that can adapt to your day-to-day life in the city and to all of your needs, wherever you’re going. Now that you have everything you need to get around safely, there’s nothing stopping you from using a bike for all your journeys.

  eSCULTURA, eSilex, eSPEEDER, Merida

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