Ebikemotion® APP now is also compatible with Android 4.2 & Bluetooth® 2.0

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With this new feature we increase to 3000 new models the number of compatible smartphones with ebikemotion® APP. This amount is added to the 2.000 models that also were compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0. This new function is the result to answer to some user demands that we have received in our website in order to make compatible our APP with smartphones that install from factory old Bluetooth protocols like 2.0 3.0 or 3.1 and with Android 4.2. Now it is also possible to install on them.

By this way you will get the possibility to enjoy the off-line map services, Guiding, weather forecast, bicycle computer, group maps, tracks and all the functions that offer to you the APP with no limit. Remember anyway that if you want to user the remote controller iWoc® or the hearth rate monitor or speed/cadense sensors, you will need compulsory one smartphone compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE or SMART).

Also we have included important improvements in the version 1.0081  (before the 1.009 that will appear in the middle of May). We have solved important errors that sometimes the external MAP API generates with the tracking system, or any problem when the smartphone starts without Internet connection.

Thanks to everybody that during the beta phase have installed the APP and have positive collaborated with us in order to improve the software. From our technical team we invite to you to help to us by our email account: hello@ebikemotion.com for sending to us new ideas and your doubts.

At the same time we advance to you some important functions that we will introduce in the next days:

  • New Track system (More functions, more information, new graphics)
  • New User’s Web Site:

o   To see your activities in an easier way, analyze your data, export and import tracks, complete information of your track (pictures, videos, etc.)
o   Plan your activities invite to your friends, etc.
o   Create new events in calendar (public, privates, etc. with subscription system)
o   Plan your training
o   And new more surprises.

  • Assistant to send your activity to your friend to check by FB, Internet, etc.

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