Display ONE – All in ONE computer for e-bikes

One of the more important elements of an eBike is undoubtedly the human interface, and it’s the first thing the user interacts with. Nevertheless, it has not been given enough attention, till now.

Ebikemotion® is shattering the market with its new range of displays, which emphasize 3 things. EFFICIENCY, DESIGN and POWER. The efficiency of a display comes from being able to see it in high contrast conditions (outside and with back-lighting). The design should be attractive, but without forgetting the importance of showing the data efficiently, so the right data is shown at the right time. The power comes from using an ARM Cortex A7 processor, running nothing less than Linux, allowing us to run graphical applications unlike anything seen in the sector or in modulars.

The user should feel attracted to the design of the eBike, but when they look at them closely, the display and the remote control should be able to meet all the user’s expectations.

Optional Holders

Transflective LCDs?

The transflective screen works better the more light there is outdoors, but also when fully back-lit it is absolutely clear and sharp.
There are many displays on the market, but few of them are truly easily viewed outdoors, even fewer in color and with built-in processors, none at all.

Special Features Display ONE in connection with SmartPhone:

Special Features 

  • Splash screen based in Video (customizable)
  • Different color for different assistance levels
  • Navigation information based in Smartphone
  • APP (Maneuvers, distance, ETA, Range…)
  • Smartphone Notifications (Calls, SMS,
    WhatsApp, Notifications of third APPs)
  • eBike System Alerts
  • Advanced Setting

Product Features & Specifications

  • Based in NXP Freescale processor (ARM cortex A7 architecture)
  • LDDR3 RAM Memory 256M (optional 512M)
  • eMMC 4G (Embedded Flash Memory)
  • Bluetooth® Smart 4.2 BLE compliant (Rn4871)
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • OS Linux (QT based Application)
  • USB-OTG (Power Supply 500 mAh and Diagnosis)
  • 1 connection for remote control (3 buttons remote)
  • 1 connection for BUS (CAN)
  • 6V to 17V Power Supply range
  • Estimated consumption (1W)
The Perfect Team

The display supports a 3-button keypad on its own board and the iWoc® TRIO remote control as an optional extra, a compact remote control with 3 buttons and an RGB light, that uses a novel notification system based on a vibration motor (patent pending), that responds to presses and notifications with various different vibrations and RGB light colors, allowing the user to be aware of any active warnings at all times, without having to look at the display. So there is a version with a keypad on the display (for road handlebars) and one with a separate keypad (for flat handlebars).

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