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If you are manufacturer of ebikes don’t doubt to put in contact with us, we are the perfect combination for your product. If you are user of standard bikes, check our system you will know how different is to use MAHLE ebikemotion SLU system.


MAHLE ebikemotion SLU.
C/ Orfebres, 10 – 34004 – Palencia – Spain
Phone: (+34) 810 101 201

Ctra. Valencia, 16200 – Motilla del Palancar,
Cuenca – Spain
Phone: (+34) 923 294 400

Parque Tec. Castilla León, P.132
Valladolid – Spain
Phone: (+34) 983 548 008

Calle Nicolás Copérnico, 12
Paterna, Valencia – Spain
Phone: (+34) 961 366 014


Check out this faq’s first:

1.1- How can I download the app?
You can download our app for free in the Playstore or in the AppStore. Look for “ebikemotion” or “ebikemotion dealer”.

1.2 Where can I create the ebikemotion account?

You can register in the app or on the website https://www.ebikemotion.com/app/

1.3- How to change the language in the app?

The app will automatically detect the language and the region of your device. Please set the language and the region of the device that you want to use in the ebikemotion app. The app is only available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

1.4- How to set the metric system?

In the app, tap on settings
– options
– metric system

1.5- How to pair a bike with the app?

1- Enable the bluetooth connexion of the device,

2- open the ebikemotion app,

3- tap on “settings”

4- Verify that the ebike is set in EBM Compatible

5- Tap on connect to EBM.

1.6- How does the map subscription work?

If you buy a bike with the x35 system, you will get a free subscription to download three maps. In order to get the subscription, you need to pair your new ebike to the app. These three maps will available for three months, counting from the first free download. Once this free subscription expires if you want to get access to any map you are required to purchase them. The subscription period for the purchased maps lasts one year.

1.7- What Android version do you support?

We support only Android 5.0 versions or higher.

1.8- Can I order a x35 system or any other ebikemotion component?

Your contact person shall be always your local dealer. You can ask them to get any material from ebikemotion.

1.9- Is the x35 compatible with Garmin or any other ciclocomputer?

Our X35 system is compatible only with devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. However, there are some devices using specific Bluetooth protocols such as Ant+, Smart…. but we do not have connectivity with these specific protocols yet.

1.10- Hearth Rate Monitor

The ebike can interact with the app through a compatible Heart Rate Monitor. Please use any Heart rate monitor compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 Standard HR BLE profile.

1.11- How to pair my heart rate monitor to the ebikemotion app.

1- Switch your Heart rate monitor on.

2- Open the ebikemotion app

3- Tap on settings

4- Unlock the Heart rate monitor option

5- Tap on connect to HRM

1.12- Assistance limit

The regulation is clear regarding the assistance limits. We produce two motor versions:
– European version with the assistance limit at 25 kmh
– US version with the assistance limit at 32 kmh The settings of the motor can not be changed in any case to get assistance over the limits set.

1.13- Temperature

The batteries tend to degrade and the temperature is a key factor on the battery life. In order to maintain your battery as healthy as possible try to follow the next recommendations:
– The process of charging the batteries needs to be done within a temperature range from 10ºC to 40ºC
– We recommend to use the bike within a temperature range from 0ºC to 38ºC – We recommend to store the bike within a temperature range from 0ºC to 38ºC and store it away from direct sunlight. If the conditions does not fit in the recommendations the battery will degrade faster.

1.14- Change rear wheel

The rear wheel is specifically manufactured to contain and support the motor, therefore the rear wheel can only be changed by authorized wheels compatible to EBM motors.

1.15- How to calibrate the battery

We recommend from time to time, let the battery discharge until 0% and charge it to 100%.[Tip] In order to get the battery at 0% it is required to pair the bike to the app and let them connected until the battery of the bike is finally over.

1.16- My bike is not assisting or it is doing something unusual

The best option is to ask your local dealer to perform a diagnosis, they will know how to act depending on the diagnosis.

1.17- Reset the ebike system

Press the ONE button for 20 seconds and wait for the system to restart.

2.1- Who can get access to the dealer app?

The dealer app can only be used by authorized dealers. If you are a dealer and you want to use our dealer app get in contact with your OEM, supplier or provider.

2.2- How can I get access to the dealer app?

1- Create an account on the ebikemotion platform.

2- Pair a bike with the ebikemotion system.

3- Upload a route just for testing that everything is correct.

4- Require the brand to get access to the dealer app (upgrade “user” to “dealer”).

5- Once they have uploaded you to dealer profile, download the “dealer app”.

6- Log-in with the account you have used in the end-user app.

Do you sell components directly to me?

Our distribution channel depends on the ebike brand. If you are interested in purchase any ebikemotion component, please request them to the ebike brand.

Range Extender
3.1- How do we charge the Range Extender?

The Range Extender must be charged using MAHLE Ebikemotion’s charger plugged to electricity.

3.2- Can I charge the Range Extender and the main battery at the same time?

Yes, just connect the charger to the network and to the top charging socket of the Range Extender and the Range Extender itself to the charging point of the X35 system. This system will prioritize charging the main battery first and after that, charging the Range Extender will start. The reason behind this is that the main battery is the most important one during the activity.

3.3- Can you use the Range Extender as a charger for the main battery?

Yes, in order to do that, plug the Range Extender to the charging point of the X35 system.

3.4- How much can the Range extender charge the main battery?

The Range Extender can charge the main battery at most 70% when the main battery is empty and the Range Extender is at its 100%. If the main battery is above 30% the Range Extender is capable to charge it to 100%. This is because the main battery has more capacity , in wh, than the Range Extender.

3.5- How many wh has the Range Extender got?

The Range Extender has approximately 208 wh.

3.6- Can I charge my main battery during the tour?

Yes, as long as the Range extender is on and connected to the main battery.

3.7- How can I know that the Range Extender is charging the main battery?

The X35 system power button will blink slightly when the Range Extender is charging the main battery. The “One” button will blink in the same way as when you charge the system at home.

3.8- How do I store the Range Extender when not using it?

We recommend storing it with the battery at least 50% charged, on green color. Besides, we advise storing it away from direct sunlight exposure and at a temperature between 10º C – 30º C.

3.9- How can I tell the battery level of the Range Extender?

There are two ways to check the battery level:

–  By the light of the Power Button of the Range Extender. As long as the R.E. is on, it will show the level: white the battery is above 75%, green 74 % – 50%, orange 49 % – 25% and red unde 25%.

–  Through the Mahle Ebikemotion App. Here, depending on the age of the bike,2 possibilities:

–  Bikes until July 2018: Add the load levels and percentages proportionally.

–  Bikes after July 2018: The main menu shows a new level indicator of the R.E.

3.10- How do I turn the Range Extender off?

There are two ways:

1. Holding down the Range Extender button for 1 second.

2. With the R.E. disconnected from the bike, it will turn off automatically after 30 seconds.

3.11- How do I install the holder to the bike?

The Range Extender holder can be installed to the frame like any other waterbottle holder. You will need at least 2 of the screws that came with the bike. If you don’t have them, then check with the bike manufacturar which is the maximum lenght available for the frame. If it is possible, we advise using 3 screws just because the Range Extender is heavier than a regular waterbottle.

3.12- How do I install the Range Extender in the holder?

The Range Extender must be adjusted carefully to the holder. You must hear a “click” noise when it adjust to the bottom, which means it’s set correctly. Above of that, it is convenient to use the silicone band to avoid any motion of the Range Extender in the holder and, for a major insurrance, we advise using another silicone band for holding the upper part of the Range Extender to the bike.

3.13- How do I connect the Range Extender to the bike?

The R.E. has a cable at his bottom which has to be plugged to the charging point of the X35. Once it is connected, twist it to assure it’s sealed.

3.14- How does the Range Extender work?

It is a dinamical charger, transferring power to the battery or to the motor, dependieng on the users demands. This meas, if the user ask for little assistance, the power is sent to recharge the main battery. In case of a high energy request, the power of the Range Extender will be used directly by the motor.

3.15- Can I move along with the Range Extender connected and turned off?

Yes, however we do not advise that because, if you’re wearing it, why not using it? Besides, the Range Extender is as heavy fully charged as empty.

3.16- Can I move along with the Range Extender unplugged?

Yes, however we recommend it to be always on and with the lock closed, even if it is on.

3.17- If the battery blinks magenta what should I do?

Restart the system, the Range Extender and also the X35.If the problem persists, go to the dealer for a in depth diagnose.

3.18- Can I use the Range Extender without the main battery?

No, the X35 system needs the main battery to work. Without it, the system does not work.

3.19- How should I send my Range Extender?

The Range Extender is made of Lithium ion batteries. That means it is considered dangerous goods in transport. So you need to comply with transport regulations for dangerous goods type UN3480 Lithium ion batteries.

For that, you must keep the packaging in which the Range Extender comes. It is a special packaging that is necessary for its transport because it complies with the packaging instructions 967, air and road cargo. Besides that, if you’ll send it, you will jave to fill in a waybill and stick a label on a visible part that says UN3480 lithium ion batteries. If it is sent by air transport you will have to use also the “Cargo aircraft only” label.

3.20- How can I optimize the Range Extender functioning?

The R.E. must be on all the time, connected and plugged to the X35 sytem charging point. We advise using assistance level 1-2. This way, the demand is low and we take better advantage of the 100% of the Range Extender.


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