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First Track SendaBike 2015 – Available to download

May 12, 2015
The first track of the even SendaBike & Trail 2015 it is available from now. You only will have to entry in the ebikemotion APP, select Routes and presson TOP Routes. The first one is Sendabike and Trail – Villaviudas. Once you have selected, remember to DOWNLOAD to your smartphone making click in the option SAVE TRACK. After that you will need a Layout in your APP with the component LOCATION to see the track and your possition. The application will show to you the red line that you have to follow in country during your activity. During the even we will be there to solve and explain any doubt. Remember your smartphone (available by now only for Android) and download the MAPS for SPAIN. Regards

Revealed new Product Porfolio v2.0

May 6, 2015
We just finished to publish the last revision v2.0 of our ebikemotion® product portfolio that shows important information for the product campaign 2016/17. This new strategies comes by the wide and deep meetings with manufacturer, customers and providers for the construction of the ebikemotion components. As main changes in the Platform one the most important ones are in relation with the color display emb.touch, because we have removed the front camera of it. This modification will leaves to us to reduce the production cost of this display and of course reduce the cost for the end customer. But at the same time the front camera will be a new accessory that the user will be available to engaged into the iWoc-One® Docking Station. By this new change the user will be able to user the camera with any type of display. The second revision is more internal and about concept in relation with the B/W LCD Display. The new display will go to the market at the same time than the iWoc-One® docking station and we will delay some weeks the arrival to the market The objective is to include new advanced functions that will leave to the e-bike user that install the iWoc-One® in combination with the LCD display to get extra information that the smartphone can be able to supply by a wireless connection. Them the user can leave his or her smartphone in the bag and getting in the LCD display extra information in relation with weather forecast, navigation or incoming calls and messages. In many countries it is possible to use one hear hands free, them if the user receive a call the information of the call appears in the LCD screen and the user could be able to answer to the call using the remote control of the iWoc-One®, that is a simple example of the new interaction functions included that are also in relation with SMS, WhatsApp, etc. The new design of the contents of the display leaves the bottom area of the screen to show extra and advance information than the user can configure. By this way using the remote control the user could be able to change between different screens with different contents adapted to the context. To extend the information about the new product portfolio, you can go directly to our web page and open the section: PRESS ->  Press Kit and Resources. www.ebikemotion.com/press/ebikemotion_product_portfolio.pdf

We activate the Web Dashboard for ebikemotion users

May 6, 2015
http://dashboard.ebikemotion.com   Ebikemotion® launch the first version of Internet dashboard for our users. This new system is free for all user that have created an account in ebikemotion® APP or directly in our website (remember that also you can user your Facebook® account). You could be able to use from any device with Internet connection like smartphone, PC or Tablet that include a browser. With this new system you will be able to check all details of the activities in extended and clearer way, like the track in the map (different views), altimeter, heart rate, cadence, speed, pictures, comments, descriptions, etc. For sure that you will be able to analyze in a better way from the big screen of your computer or tablet. We have designed and information board, that in next version will be fully customizable, that will offer to you a graphic resume of all your activities to see in a fast view your times, distance  of all of them with a tool that will leave to you move in the line time to select any activity. It is not necessary to have installed the APP in your Smartphone in order to access to the Internet user’s website con consult public or your friend Facebook® tracks. It is so simple like open in your computer the next URL that show to you bellow, check and plan your track. You will be able to download any graphic, etc. http://dashboard.ebikemotion.com Also we have created a system to select áreas or maps and créate graphics (PGN, PDF of JPG) of them to download to your computer. The track is also possible to be downloaded to GPX or KML format. Also we have included and advanced searcher to find tracks that better are adapted to your profile taking in mind, length, difficulty, type of bike, terrain, etc. Also we have created a system to select áreas or maps and créate graphics (PGN, PDF of JPG) of them to download to your computer. The track is also possible to be downloaded to GPX or KML format. Also we have included and advanced searcher to find tracks that better are adapted to your profile taking in mind, length, difficulty, type of bike, terrain, etc. The way of work is really easy. When a user finish a track that he has started in the ebikemotion® APP in the smartphone your phone will ask to you if you want to save it. If you do it ebikemotion® APP will save the track in your smartphone and will send the data of it to our Internet Server. Take in mind that when you finish a track you can select if you want that the track will be public, private or only visible for your friends. From factory all of them are publics (remember that you can change the visibility of the track by Internet in any moment). The new user website leaves to the user validation by the Facebook® user account or by the ebikemotion® user system.

Ebikemotion® APP now is also compatible with Android 4.2 & Bluetooth® 2.0

May 4, 2015
With this new feature we increase to 3000 new models the number of compatible smartphones with ebikemotion® APP. This amount is added to the 2.000 models that also were compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0. This new function is the result to answer to some user demands that we have received in our website in order to make compatible our APP with smartphones that install from factory old Bluetooth protocols like 2.0 3.0 or 3.1 and with Android 4.2. Now it is also possible to install on them. By this way you will get the possibility to enjoy the off-line map services, Guiding, weather forecast, bicycle computer, group maps, tracks and all the functions that offer to you the APP with no limit. Remember anyway that if you want to user the remote controller iWoc® or the hearth rate monitor or speed/cadense sensors, you will need compulsory one smartphone compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE or SMART). Also we have included important improvements in the version 1.0081  (before the 1.009 that will appear in the middle of May). We have solved important errors that sometimes the external MAP API generates with the tracking system, or any problem when the smartphone starts without Internet connection. Thanks to everybody that during the beta phase have installed the APP and have positive collaborated with us in order to improve the software. From our technical team we invite to you to help to us by our email account: hello@ebikemotion.com for sending to us new ideas and your doubts. At the same time we advance to you some important functions that we will introduce in the next days: New Track system (More functions, more information, new graphics) New User’s Web Site: o   To see your activities in an easier way, analyze your data, export and import tracks, complete information of your track (pictures, videos, etc.) o   Plan your activities invite to your friends, etc. o   Create new events in calendar (public, privates, etc. with subscription system) o   Plan your training o   And new more surprises. Assistant to send your activity to your friend to check by FB, Internet, etc.

ebikemotion support Sendabike 2015

April 21, 2015
ebikemotion will be the official APP for the SendaBikeTrail 2015 Circuit that will start next 17th of May in the village of Villaviudas. This track will be the first of 4 circuits that complete the event in 4 cities of Palencia. The dates of the events will be: Sunday 17 of May – Villaviudas Saturday 13th of June – Torquemada Saturday 4th of July – Villamuriel Sunday 6th of September – Palencia ebikemotion wants to starts and present the first version of the Internet web page for the APP, that will leave to the users to download the track to the APP, review in detaild, export to GPX, etc. This presentation will be as gift to the city that saw to born the project from the beginning. The APP will be free for the riders and ebikemotion will be present during the event with some bicycles that install our iWoc(r) prototypes and iWoc.One systems for e-bikes. The users that will want to check any e-bike will be able to do there and also it will be possible to reserve the iWoc control joystick in advance. At the same time ebikemotion will explain the APP, the WEB Page and the future gadgets that will present during Eurobike 2015, as heart rate monitors, holders, cradles, etc. Last day in Palencia ebikemotion will raffle between the participants important prices as the iWoc systems. More information and inscriptions www.sendabiketrail.com

ebikemotion APP – Best APP and Public e-volution Awards

April 17, 2015
Today we have new reasons to be proud about our ebikemotion Platform. Yesterday in the “e-volution 2015 Awards Ceremony” celebrated in the Cristal Palace of the Science Museum of Valladolid, our APP recharged Power. The APP specialized in cyling obtained First Prize in two categories that we concursed: Best APP of Mobiles system, as Best Project in the Awards by Public voting, last one with more than 12.000 votes in the open phase of voting, staying ahead of important projects and national initiatives, so we have to give a lot of thanks to all people who have supported us during the voting period. These awards awards provide a big boost to get the ebikemotion plataformar become a reference for anyone who uses a bicycle either electric or standard. All menbers that compose ebikemotion we thank and congratulate especially our Development Team BISITE of Salamanca for the great work they are doing and also promise many surprises and breakthroughs for the next version 2.0. And you? Still not have installed the most advanced cycling APP in the market? Routes, Guidance, Off-line Navigation, warning system falls … with ebikemotion you have everything. And remember still time to get exclusive iWoc® one month before submission Eurobike worldwide in 2015, the indispensable complement to the APP ebikemotion at a unique price of pre-release.

ebikemotion app in e-volucion awards

March 24, 2015
The ebikemotion APP, just been elected as finalist in the e-volution awards of Castilla y León that are organized by the newpaper Norte de Castilla and Radio Station Onda Cero, with the collaboration of the Junta de Castilla y León, Laboral Kutxa, Grupo Norte, Iberdrola and the official Computers Engineers College of Castilla y León. Undoubtedly ebikemotion is a revolutionary product, not only as sport or activity APP for bicycles that introduces really innovations elements, or because it will be free, but because it is the first bicycle APP that includes OFF-Line Navigation and even a remote control wireless joystick to manage completely the APP by the without remove the hands of the handlebar, as iWoc®. Moreover, the APP also includes special functions to control e-bikes in combination with the Docking Station iWoc-One®. This new system has got the interest of the many e-bike manufacturers that just started to ask for information and sign agreements with ebikemotion consortium that groups Univesity of Salamanca and the automotive company StageMotion, in order to include this technology in the future e-bikes. We ask for your colaboration voting for us in order to get the end user award, please click over this link and Register as user, After that you can vote for us. It is important that only vote ONE CANDIDATURE, and better of course OUR. The valid votes are only for registered users. press over the Little hand to vote for us, from your computer, smartphone, etc. To register as user: http://premios.e-volucion.es/participa After that you can vote here:

The eBikeMotion adventure starts

February 11, 2015
Dear friends, co-founders and users. The ebikemotion® adventure has begun. A project filled with enthusiasm that we are unveiling after more than 16 months of a long and hard joint effort between the University of Salamanca and the StageMotion research team. This new startup is based on the ebikemotion project and enables us to provide users with one of the most modern and advanced applications for the bicycle industry, and comes with a wireless joystick control which will allow any user to safely enjoy all the functions that ebm-APP has to offer. With over 200 configurable features controlled by our wireless joystick “iWoc®”, you will have access to a new dimension in the use of bicycle computer systems, and the ability to switch screens safety, navigating forward or backward through the information presented (Music, calls, users in competitions, etc.), or to confirm options or questions depending on the application context. These are just some of the great benefits that await us. The integrated navigation system determines the most suitable routes for mountain or road bikes, using paths and tracks and including a guiding assistance. And for those who already have an electric bicycle, the “iWoc-One®” is the alternative to conventional computers that only provide speed and battery information, and level of assistance. iWoc-One® gathers all the information provided by the navigation system and the information sources of our  “ebm-APP” application to provide information from a point of view that until now was completely unknown to you, maximizing the features of your electric bike.
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