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ebikemotion® & our new display generates a lot of interest.

September 24, 2015
Just a pair of weeks after Eurobike our team has assist to the most cycling even in America. In the Mandalay Convention Center (Las Vegas), the most important members of the industry has been 3 days preparing the business and the products for the MY2017 and MY2018. Ebikemotion® has open new professional leads interested in our wireless joystick (that could be available there as prototype) and also in our new display that will comes to the market in February of 2016 to be supplied to some important e-bike manufacturers. But not only the new display with docking station was revealed there. Even the new End Use and Manufacturer Web Backend have created a lot of interest in the professional companies. Now ebikemotion® in just only few months has closed important agreements in Asia, America (Canada, USA & Mexico) and Europe (Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Italy). Next event that we will see will be eCarTec (20th al 22th October Munich- Germany). ecartec.com. Just to see, we show to you some pictures of our booth and staff in the fair. We will see to everybody there.  

Ebikemotion introduce our new e-bike connected Display

September 8, 2015
ebikemotion® presented in the last edition of Eurobike 2015 in Friedrichshafen in our booth the new display that will supply to some customers for the MY2017. The new display can be able to be connected to two different Docking Stations iWoc® One with front light and support for front camera and iWoc® Display without camera and front light. The display will arrive to the market in the beginning of the next year (2016) and will be integrated by some important e-bike manufacturers in the portfolio and new bicycles MY2017. The display works in combination with our APP that by now is suffering a deep change before the publish of the new version 2.0 at the end of this year. The display can offer e-bike information in the 400 x 240 graphic display and at the same time connect by Bluetooth to the smartphone of the user to include navigation, weather, segments, friend activities, call information, short messages and a large etc. the new display includes support for third electronic devices like forks, seat post, shifting, etc. As introduction this technical video shows all the possibilities of the new ebikemotion® display.

Continental Expands the Modular Conti eBike System with ebikemotion® system

September 7, 2015
ebikemotion® now compatible with Conti Drives (Continental) ebikemotion® and Conti (Continental) has closed an agreement to include the ebikemotion® technology for the e-bikes manufactured with Conti Drives. This agreement will include the possibility for e-bike manufacturers that includes the Conti drive system, to use the ebikemotion® platform as OEM solution for their information solution. The advantage of the philosophy, is that the e-bike manufacturer could be able to include one adapted version of the ebikemotion® solution (APP, Display, options) offering to the end user its own look and feel. By this way the end user will feel a full brand experience in all levels because no information about Conti or ebikemotion® will appears in the APP and display if he decides that. Also all services developed for the user and administration backend will be available for the customers and companies. The system will be available in two versions. First one will include as remote control joystick the Conti actual one, and the second one will include our iWoc® remote controller. By this way Conti, adds its solutions to the rest of e-bike manufacturers and assemblers that has open projects with ebikemotion® with OEM products, most of them still confidential until MY2017 starts in the market. Conti that uses Brose drives (also compatibles with ebikemotion® in short time) has an open philosophy by the point of the view of the connectivity of its system to other devices.

ebikemotion® success at Eurobike 2015

September 1, 2015
All our team would like to give our sincerely thanks to all professional people of all the companies that has visited our booth with so special interest for the solutions that our B2B Platform can give to the e-bike manufacturers, assemblers and motor manufacturers. The new remote control iWoc® will arrive to the end user during next February of 2016, but at the same time it will be the starting time for the rest OEM solutions like SmartHub, Display, Wired Version and iWoc® One, as well as the rest of solutions for Marketing One2One, etc. Most of first line e-bike manufacturers and cycling groups has shown to us the high interest in order to include our technology in e-bikes of MY2018 that they will add to all the manufacturers that already have opened projects with us for the MY2017 to including in different e-bikes. ebikemotion® has assisted with 8 members of the technical and commercial staff of different offices (Germany one included) to keep meetings with our customers and opened projects and to give the opportunity to many people to arrive to us to check the possibilities and solutions that we offer. New solutions will be presented in Interbike 2015 next weeks in our booth and in the booths of other customers that includes our systems.   Also the professional cannel could review the next solutions that we are developing and will arrive for giving support to different customers next year, that will include really amazing innovations. Eurobike 2016 has started for us and we will see each to other in our booth and in different booths of our customers that will include from factory as OEM some of our products, most of them still secrets in order to prevent copy of other manufacturers and keeping the surprise until the end.

Eurobike 2015 – ebikemotion® & iWoc® World Premiere

August 19, 2015
There are just only few days to start Eurobike 2015. During those days all the people that visit to us could be able to discover in our booth some the most important products of our platform: – Bicycle iOS APP – Version 1.0 – Bicycle Android APP – Version 1.0 – New Bicycle iOS APP – Version Beta 2.0 (with Remote Bike Display Connection) – New Web backend functions for bicycle manufacturers that integrate our APP and software platform, with Marketing One2One Services and new surprises. – Final Beta release of our control joystick for standard and e-bikes. The iWoc® – Our gateway Bluetooth unit iWoc® SmartHub for (CAN BUS & UART) – Preview of our new Bluetooth display with iWoc® control and HD for e-bikes (with Remote Bike Display Connection) – and much more Don’t doubt and visit to us if you are a cycling professional industry member to know the new tendencies and our new products for MY2016 and MY2017. Eurobike is the better place to tell to us your project and analyze with us how our platform could be able to be adapted to solve your problems and arm your project of connected bicycle.

New Display & ebikemotion for e-bikes

July 15, 2015
ebikemotion® is finishing the architecture of the new LCD display that will be introduce in the product profolio. The new LCD display is designed with the most modern technology to be able to offer clear vision of the information in all outdoor conditions. This new display is 100% graphical and stablish a new era in the electric bicycle computers. The display is designed to be installed in e-bike systems that will include CAN BUS or SERIAL technology for the communication with the rest of the elements, and it is only available for e-bike manufacturers that will need a different system to integrate in the bicycle. Some of the most important features of this system are the big LCD screen divided in two main areas. First one to offer e-bike standard information (battery, speed, assist level or torque) and the second one for auxiliary information. This new area for auxiliary information is one of the most interesting points, because we have integrated Bluetooth communication with our extended APP ebikemotion®. So in combination with that, the user can open route by navigation, etc. and the smartphone can be able to send extended information to the display like navigation maneuvers, Altitude, Temperature, special warnings (phone calls, messages, etc). All of the functions will run with the smartphone in the bag. So it is not necessary to keep the smartphone in the handlebar and it can goes secure in the bag of the rider. Of course, the new display will be available in combination with our universal control joystick iWoc® so it can be managed completely by the buttons included in the joystick, operating in combination with the LED of the buttons. The joystick will arrive to the market in the middle of 2016 and we will be able with a little lucky some prototypes in Eurobike 2015 (811 – Pavilion A3) or Interbike 2015 in Las Vegas in our booths.

ebikemotion® in Interbike Las Vegas 2015

July 3, 2015
Some days ago we will say to you that iWoc® will be introduced in the most important European bicycle show (Eurobike 2015), so now we have all the confirmation some days after that event our marketing team will cross the ocean to be also available in the most important bicycle Show in the American Continent (Interbike 2015) Interbike will celebrate from 16th to 18th of September, in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center of Las Vegas, where it will be present the most important international branch in the world of the bicycle. If you like the bicycle world and you have the luck to assist to this amazing show shore that you will be enjoy of all world premieres. Our booth is the 5057, just close to the incredible entry to the bicycle test area that this year has prepared the organization. As ever, if you don’t want to lose any detail about all our news in relation with ebikemotion®, iWoc® in Eurobike and Interbike, we recommend that you will follow our social profiles in twitter & facebook, where will keep to your information about all the activities of the company.

ebikemotion BETA 1.0025 Released – Free Cycling APP

July 1, 2015
We have just released the beta version of our APP ebikemotion® 1.0025. In this new version you will find the new altitude system based on our algorithm IAS (Internet Service Altitude) which analyzes the information of altitude and slope of each of the points along the route to calculate server side the correct information. Now when a route ends and is sent to the server (if internet connection is available), our system evaluates routes every 30 seconds and updates the data in the background. If we detect that the user has a route altimetry data not validated, we correct them automatically and inform you the next time that you enter a route that data is corrected so you can download the updated information. Also the new version solve some statistics data and data summaries of the routes, which now can be seen much better. Another of the great innovations of 1.0025 APP is that you can recover all the routes previously done. Remember that every time a BETA version is installed, all routed disappeared of your phone, but they was remained on the server. We have never deleted. Now you can retrieve them automatically. When you enter the route system, if we find that you have no one on the phone, but you have on the server side, you will be asked if you want to download the routes. If you confirm you will receive first a list of all your routes and you can decide if you want to download one by one simply selecting anyone for them In mid-July we will release the new version of APP that is already in alpha stage and includes enhancements in the search system of routes and recommendations. Meanwhile enjoy this new version.   DOWNLOAD FREE EBIKEMOTION CYCLING APP

iWoc® – World Premiere in Eurobike 2015

June 26, 2015
Sure that you still know iWoc® and the ebikemotion® platform, but until the end of the next August it will not be presented in official way to the professional Worldwide market. As it could be in different way, we have chosen Eurobike Show 2015, for Europe continent, one of the most important Bicycle Worldwide Fair, that will be celebrated in the Germany city Friedrichshafen, pretty close the German border with Austria and Switzerland. With the amazing Konstanz Lake as scenery, from August 26th to 29th this little and beautiful German city of Germany will be the center of the bicycle universe. 14 pavilions will introduce all the new that will arrive to the market in 2016, so what could be better place to make the first steps of iWoc® and ebikemotion in the market. If you are one of the fortunate people that could be able to assist to this amazing “Bike Show”, you could be able also to discover and visit to us in the ebikemotion booth (number 811 – Pavilion A3). And if you cannot assist, we invite to you to follow us in social networks (Facebook® and Twitter®) to not lose any detail of the Eurobike and ebikemotion® being the first to know the important novelties, features and new parts that we will present for the e-bike and standard industry. All our staff is hard working with not rest in order to have everything prepared and surprise to you with all systems that we will show during those days. Them…. The countdown has started.

Now our route profiles are perfect

June 19, 2015
The new service that works in side server is based in a complex algorithm that corrects all altimetry data of a route using our global cartographic data base that contains accurate information on the altitude of each point. This function virtually does not support any solution in the market or has to be paid, is offered for free in ebikemotion® APP being accessible from the user control panel in http://dashboard.ebikemotion.com The software development team of ebikemotion® centralized in the BISITE Research Center at the University of Salamanca just finished implementing a Beta of our new altimetry services, using a truly innovative system on the market that we to explain to you bellow. GPS information, the problem The biggest problem that users encounter when follow a route in relation to altitude, is that the GPS information is unreliable and even the same or different mobile devices running the same application provide different values. These values are already determined by the operating system of the phone and change depending on the sensors that incorporate the phone, as barometric sensors, etc. Most applications are read and represented on screen, but as we shall see in a displacement of 10 meters can obtain heights of +10 or -10 meters, something that is impossible in the real live when you are riding with your bike. So, the same route with two phones made by the same individual user data could offer total ascent completely different between the two terminals and what is worse, in the detail of the tour we will see fluctuations in the unevenness of up to 20 or 30 meters. So if we need to use that data to know for example profile altimetry of a mountain or a climb, the reality is that the graph we would get would not be linear and when we approached to detail, we would see our chart climb becomes a constant up and down. The ebikemotion® solution This problem can be corrected in a low level in the mobile phone, but the result will never be good, because we will need Internet Connection and a lot of DATA. If we need such data and then analyze the route or do it again using our outstanding viewer (version 2.0 APP), the information will get will be almost un-useful. So we have implemented a complex algorithm on the server that validates all the information and thereafter, corrects all outstanding and accumulated altitude. With that information we will have a route profile, perfect and real, and what is even better, when the user uses our new feature route profiles, you’ll know in a REAL climb the slope, and the future tranches will have to go through in blocks of 50 meters. Something that so far no application ebikemotion® stand and provides a preview. When you finish a route and save it, we will check your Internet connection. If you are online we will send data to validate by our system for our (IAS) Internet Altitude Services in order
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