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iWoc® ONE, a new control concept

September 16, 2016
No doubt the great surprise they found all attendees to our stand in the latest edition of Eurobike was the iWoc® ONE. A new concept exceptionally “simple” to provide full functionality to any bicycle with an integration that goes unnoticed thanks to its small size. The idea for which emerged iWoc® ONE was to maintain maximum functionality provided by the remote control iWoc® with full integration suitable for any e-bike without sacrificing functionality and giving more value to the design elements of the e-bike. The end result, and the great reception by OEM sector shows that this is a great success, so over the next few years will see important iWoc® ONE integrated e-bikes. This new device designed by ebikemotion® is able to integrate into minimum space of frame and gets with a single button and a single LED RGB: Knowing the state of our bicycle Know the battery level (RGB LED) Activate voice commands Establish communication with other Bluetooth® devices Turn on or off our e-bike Receive alerts and notifications Change assist mode Enable / disable locking systems and security The new remote based in one button, makes its performance and functionality multiply when working in conjunction with our intelligent controller Smart Motor Controller and / or the new APP ebikemotion® totally needed for its integration. The iWoc® ONE consists of a button with RGB LED that can be placed on a support as in the frame and which in turn connects directly to the motor control or with the i-Module to provide connectivity Bluetooth® ebikemotion® and CAN Control System. The only visible part of the set is the button .   External links: iWoc® One Flyer Flyer Smart Motor control Website Desiknio

BionX Eurobike’16 presents its new e-bike APP

September 15, 2016
The Canadian giant “e-bike motor specialist” in high-end HUB presented in Eurobike’16 its new range of accessories, Bluetooth® and new APP developed by ebikemotion Technologies. It’s really difficult to develop an application for a trademark or a bicycle manufacturer. In these cases there is a style and a clearly defined goal… commuter, urban bike, sports bike… But when you have to develop an application and a communication system for a company that has more than 15 years in the sector e-bike and also offers a product for other manufacturers to make totally different bikes, things change a lot. This is the case of BionX, the Canadian giant, entrusted to us in early 2016 development of the APP platform and backend to service via Bluetooth® to bicycles to incorporate the new technology 555 Battery. This new generation of batteries is characterized by including 555W watts of autonomy in a 48V model with 52 cells. CAN BUS integrated battery and wireless module also incorporates CAN to communicate with the rest of the bike and Bluetooth® to do with the outside. In this case with the BionX APP. The system incorporates not only APP but a complete backend mounted on an important data center in Canada and managed remotely by the ebikemotion® technical team, a WEB Dashboard for users of the BionX engines that integrate this technology is also available. In addition all the management for brands is done through a web environment specially designed for BionX. The system is completed with a VIDEO TUTORIALS area to help users in the process of high and matching and HELP CENTER. The application was presented at Eurobike 2016 in Stand BionX and the first brands to incorporate this technology will WHEELER and OHM in their models 2017. We will also see these innovations at the stand of the Sept. BionX 21 -23 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Booth 5238. In addition, the brand plans to launch later this year a kit so that all customers can add the Bluetooth technology and APP all bicycles compatible. More info: New App EBike System Eurobike BionX New App for 2017 Official links: BionX BionX App Help Center About OHM ebikes: https://ohmcycles.com/ http://www.wheeler.ch/

ebikemotion® launches new Smart Motor Control System

September 15, 2016
One of the great innovations presented by ebikemotion® Technologies in the last edition of Eurobike Show 2016 was its new product range “Smart Control” with BEB-01 model for motor control e-bike. The vast experience of our technical team in the manufacture of engine controls in the automotive and electric vehicles together with the new vision of the team of technicians specialized in e-bike of ebikemotion Technologies company, it has served as the basis for developing the component the most important control of an e-bike, with performance and efficiency so far never seen in systems of electric bicycles. But surely the strong point of the Smart Motor Controller ebikemotion® is that in addition to the many innovations it brings, manages to be between 15% and 20% more efficient than current market references of motor control in electric bicycle, getting well a much more balanced set, greater autonomy and therefore a more efficient e-bike. With our Smart Motor Control to apply different maps according to engine power levels, thus adapting the whole system to the needs and requirements needed at all times just pressing a button. Some of the main features are: Dynamic Power Control. Grip Control. Maximum energy efficiency. Intelligent and customizable Motor Maps. Historical consumption. Upgradeable via Bluetooth or CAN BUS. Management System. Open architecture. All these qualities make the platform “Smart Control” for Motor Controller designed by ebikemotion® ideal for developing your electric bike and complement our controller also notable for being able to communicate with almost any display, joystick, sensor or interface no matter what your protocol Communication. And if we add the customization and open architecture allow this smart device integrates seamlessly into any new development or fits seamlessly into existing projects, providing a complement different to driving an e-bike feeling. Currently ebikemotion® is already working and involved in different projects with some engine manufacturers in specific versions of its Smart Control to insert the motor control directly inside engines and even central HUB.   External links: Flyer Smart Motor Controller

Elby Bike Pedelec receives Eurobike Gold Award 2016

September 14, 2016
The Californian brand introduced its new concept of urban multipurpose bike. A bike that incorporates Bluetooth® connectivity and APP developed by ebikemotion Technologies SL The successes of our customers are our successes. In this case it is the turn to the new ELBY BIKE innovative Californian brand. This bike will not leave you indifferent, you hate or love it, but what does not fit doubt is that it is a product from the point of view of design and functionality provides an equilibrium level which makes it ideal for its target … promote the use of e-bike as efficient transport. When ELBY BIKE goes to ebikemotion® Technologies team to confer the development of its new APP, did not even know the bike, the bike really was a total mystery for us. We only had a functional parts for all development. Target, and product orientation also kept in absolute secrecy. Interbike 2015 in Las Vegas was the place to get the first images of this awesome product and until June 2016 could not have a sample to test the bike, it really is one of the best solutions on the market, not only for the engine as It includes the new BionX D Series, but because ergonomically is a great product, is comfortable and versatile … a real killer for competitors. We are very proud that the California company trusted us for this project and will certainly continue to work to bring to market new versions of APP that leads our DNA. External links iWoc® Flyer iWoc® ONE Flyer Desiknio Web

The new iWoc® 2017 revealed in Eurobike Show 2016

September 14, 2016
As it was announced days before Eurobike Show 2016, the official presentation of the renewed version of iWoc® remote control for e-bikes will be done in one of the most important fairs of bicycles in the world. The new intelligent control remote iWoc® MY2017 was presented to all professionals receiving these well received due to the great evolution and important innovations over the previous version. In addition to a renewed aesthetic, a substantial improvement in ergonomics and reduced weight and size, the version you see on the new e-bikes 2017 includes: 5 programmable soft keys 7 Indicators LED level of support and integrated battery. 1 Led RGB contextual (notifications, alerts, incoming calls, light control…). BLE Bluetooth communication. Support technologies, CAN BUS, SERIES and RS485. Symmetrical and ergonomic design. Waterproof IP65 Customizing functions Much of this functionality in reduced version is also incorporated in the iWoc® ONE, the “all in one” that also we introduced in Friedrichshafen to the surprise of visitors to our stand. The concept bike “Desiknio” Pedelec finalist in the 2016 Eurobike Awards, is the first bike to feature together ONE iWoc® in combination with the Smart Motor Control that generates an exceptional set for any electric bicycle, but mainly in the Urban and Premium sector.   External links iWoc® Flyer iWoc® ONE Flyer Desiknio Web

Discover a new ebikemotion platform in Eurobike Show 2016

July 22, 2016
As all years, at the summer falling, end of August part of ebikemotion® Technolo.gies staff will move to the German city of Friedrichshafen to participate in the Global cycling show, Eurobike 2016. During days 31th of August, 1st and 2nd of September, Eurobike will be the center of the bicycle universe. Main bicycle and accessory manufacturers will present during those days all the new parts that the market will introduce during the next month and year. In the last Eurobike show editions the e-bike wins more and more importance and this year we will hope to see the new tendencies and surprises of the manufacturers in relation with this amazing mobility solution. During last year ebikemotion has kept in the most absolutely secret the new 2017 platform. With the foundation of the company (ebikemotion Technologies) and with a global and extended view by the entry in the shareholding of new automotive partners, we have moved to a complete mobility solution to create your own e-bikes including all elements that you could need to give that step in the most professional way. Step by step ebikemotion® will introduce more and new solutions until 2018 where the product portfolio will be completed. As first step ebikemotion® will show the new e-bike platform 2.0, a complete system based in CAN BUS to develop new connected and smart ebikes. The platform includes smart and high efficiency motor controller and will give to you more than 20% of normal range got with no smart and conventional controllers keeping the power supply and torque, intelligence linked to the ride, auto learning based in the way of use of the e-bike in order to power up the efficiency and was could not be in other way a full platform that cover all the requirements: full backend with OEM Back Office and dealer APP that will give even the possibility to update the devices using the smartphone and the Bluetooth® Connection of it (to CAN BUS). ebikemotion® 2.0 is not and APP, is the solid basement to design the future coming e-bikes that can be adapted in modular and flexible way to the needs of the OEM to create bicycles based in your own feeling, not in our vision. Come and discover what we can offert to you to create your next generation of e-bikes in our booth 327 in the A Pavilion (only professional days). If you are and OEM or want to know our solutions, it is really important that you put I contact with us by our form or email to schedule a meeting with the appropriate profile of our staff. And if you cannot attend, we recommend that you follow us in the Social Networks, Facebook© and Twitter if you want don’t loose any detail. We will be waiting for you there.

We launch our new website

July 19, 2016
ebikemotion Technologies launches new corporative website just 6 weeks before Eurobike, global show where it will be possible to start to see first bicycles including our technology. During last months ebikemotion® has remained the largest of media silence and totally focused on the creation of the new product portfolio in collaboration with the new shareholder members entered in the shareholding in December 2015.   The new website is the entry point to the business strategy of the company ebikemotion Technologies as a member of the Automotive Group to which it belongs and that reveals clearly the roadmap of the company for the next two years where the platform will be completed with new elements in the field of propulsion. Although this part is held in the strictest confidence what we can see now is that a new platform for the sector of the two wheels based on: Human Interface System APP Software Platforms Control systems Backend Software Platforms   Just after Eurobike and coinciding with the arrival on the market of new bicycle models incorporating technology brand, will launch its new zone ebikemotion® success stories with detailed information on the projects working

StageMotion & Nagares Automotive SA founded ebikemotion Technologies.

January 11, 2016
StageMotion Automotive with Nagares SA just found the new company Ebikemotion Technologies SLU with the aim of centralizing in the new company all operations related to its lines of e-mobility business, especially those related to the production and marketing of systems developed for e-bike sector so as Nagares SA,  StageMotion Automotive and GND Technological Center. The new company started operations from December 2015 with stock capital of € 125,400 and a single shareholder partner (StageMotion Automotive), to create the appropriate legal framework for entry into the shareholding of the new partners, among which NAGARES SA. The headquarters of the new company will be the same for this new adventure that StageMotion one allowing a more controlled figure mark and the investments made in this new activity that StageMotion Automotive has been investing more than 26 months within their division expansion R & D with iWoc® family products, SmartHub, etc. Nagares SA started the business relation in February 2015 and today the group Nagares after months is also part of the new shareholding. The objective of this new company will be to streamline all operations marketing and promotion of electric mobility related mainly bicycles and mopeds products. To do StageMotion Automotive and Nagares has also made a transfer of troops in the field of innovation, as well as various patents and industrial designs and trademarks to the new company. ebikemotion Technologies SLU has its doors open to competition in the financial markets as well as establishing partnerships and joint ventures with other Spanish companies or international level with having advanced talks. StageMotion Automotive will continue to part of the activities of R & D for the new company, which in turn also be supported by the human, technological and production of new partner resources that are incorporated into the capital of Ebikemotion Technologies, including include the automotive electronics specialist NAGARES SA, which has acquired a substantial package of shareholding in the new company in order to redirect their technology from the automotive industry to the electric bicycle group. From January 1st, 2016 ebikemotion Technologies has become a limited company with shareholders to new investors which assets are added as the Centre for Development and Innovation GND or BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca This new strategy will allow the staging of new components designed by members of ebikemotion Technologies, to create electric bicycles with quality standards that can only be achieved in the automotive industry. Apart from the financial muscle and company capital, totaling € 200,000, StageMotion Automotive and Nagares SA have reinforced the new company by providing all infrastructure, human resources and management experience and project development as the company’s greatest asset. Thus ebikemotion Technologies, it becomes the largest company in the sector at the Spanish level and one of the most important of the international one, with high capacity R & D management and manufacturing all product supplied in their own facilities in different centers of the disposal of the group in Spain for the e-bike industry.


October 28, 2015
Marco A. de la Serna, StageMotion Managing Director and ebikemotion Technologies Product Manager has been nominated as a finalist for the Best Manager of the year  in “Industrial Companies” for the enerTIC awards 2015. Marco A. will be finalists in its category among more than 50 directors nominated by partner organizations the enerTIC platform and Institutional Collaboration Network. enerTIC is the platform technology and innovation to improve energy efficiency and sustainability that has the support of major public and private organizations in the industry. The enerTIC Awards was born three years ago with the aim to reward and recognize the “Executives who contributed to implement the use of the most innovative technological solutions for improving energy efficiency and sustainability in their companies and organizations. Professionals throughout his career have fostered good practices in their industry, for their actions and example will inspire other managers. “ We will know the result of the final on 10 December 2015 at the Eurostars Madrid Tower Hotel, which will be attended by the main stakeholders in the world of energy and new technologies. Whatever the outcome, the fact that the ICT industry and renewable energy has been fixed in our project and the managers who lead is undoubtedly a success output, which we are deeply proud and grateful for the recognition previous. But besides the ebikemotion® project it is also a candidate in the 2015 Awards in the category SmartMobility enerTIC. Another of our leaders, Juan Manuel Corchado (ebikemotion Team Manager & Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer of the University of Salamanca & Director of the Science Park of the University of Salamanca) is a finalist for best director of Universities. Undoubtedly our ebikemotion® project continues to add awards and nominations. In this case and as a finalist in one of the managers of more weight in the project, responsible for coordinating all conceptual and task forces in the creation of our products. In the coming days enerTIC published interview which we will miss our blog. See full interview Marco A. de la Serna More Enertic Awards information: http://www.enertic.org/Award

Route calculation, one step more

October 9, 2015
The software development team is working so hard to finish before the ending of this year the new ebikemotion APP Platform v2.0 that will include a new APP concept that this time will be available on iOS and Android at the same time. This new APP is developed taking in mind all the comments and contributions of the users of the version Beta 1.0 that we have been collected during one year. One of the new functions that have included in the new version of the APP if the “Route Calculator Engine” that function leaves to the user create routes directly in the smartphone stablishing Origin and Destiny points based on POI, Actual location, Map points or Address including intermediate points. That is a similar function implemented in Internet by Google Maps, by example. This new functions will leave to the user create routes in the smartphone or Internet, save them and recover to make after that. If the rider is using the APP in combination with one compatible e-bike, our system will inform to the user about the necessary battery to arrive to any point and the Watts that he will need to reach the target. Other interesting fashioned features is the CO2 emission calculator, that will inform to the user about the emission that we save to the planet in comparison of using the conventional petrol motor car, and the money saved in our pocket. Most of the customers that have e-bike APP opened projects with us has this function already included and even inform to the user the watts necessary to make a route and if he could be able to do with the actual battery capacity. In combination with our new LCD display this information will be also available, keeping the smartphone in the pocket of the user by our REMOTE DATA function. Here you can see some of the screens of the new function in one of the APPs of one of our customers.
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