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July 5, 2017
Ebikemotion Technologies es una empresa creada por entusiastas de las bicicletas y los sistemas de movilidad eléctrica. Pertenecemos a un grupo empresarial especializado en electrónica para automoción con más de 45 años de experiencia trabajando a nivel mundial con las primeras marcas de automóviles con 6 centros de producción y desarrollo repartidos por toda España. Creamos, diseñamos y producimos nuestros propios desarrollos para los principales fabricantes de bicicletas eléctricas en todo el mundo. Con la innovación como principal característica, todos los procesos desde la concepción del producto hasta la producción de las soluciones diseñadas se realizan en las instalaciones del propio grupo.   WE ARE LOKING FOR: Un perfil Ingeniero de Software Embebido para desarrollar nuestros productos  para incorporarse a nuestro equipo nuestra sede central en Palencia, con habilidades para crear soluciones adaptadas. Un/a ingeniero/a familiarizado/a con este puesto y con capacidad de trabajar conjuntamente con los equipos desarrolladores de Hardware y Firmware, que sepa el valor que tiene la agilidad en la gestiones para completar los procesos. Alguien que cuide el detalle, ponga mimo en su trabajo y le guste dar su toque personal.   WHAT DO WE NEED? Un desarrollador de sistemas embebidos con capacidad de análisis, diseño y puesta en marcha de sistemas embebidos complejos y sistemas distribuidos. – Experience in PCB Design on embedded platforms (Ex. Cortex®-A7 Core, ARM 7/9/Cortex-M0, 3, 4, ATMEL AVR, PIC, Microchip,…) – Operation of electronic design programs for PCB (Ex: Altium, Eagle, OrCAD,…) – PCB Design with radio frequency components (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, NFC, etc.) – Schematic design and PCB layout oriented to EMC – Wireles communication (Bluetooth, 868 MHz, NFC y RFID HF (MIFARE) y UHF (EPC Gen 2). – TCP/IP Communication and deep knowledge of TCP/IP Stack – Knowledge of compilation tools and parsing of standard code (Keil, QT Creator para Linux (QtQuick, QtWidgets), Toolchain GCC, Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio C#) – Development based in RTOS (Ex: Linux, FreeRTOS, eCos, Nucleus, VRTX, VxWorks…) – Development of embedded systems under ARM architecture, including BSP and image creation with Buildroot – C/C++ coding, including unitary automatic test and integration test. – English, working comprehensive.   VALUE POSITIVELY – Capabilities to auto critic, analysis and searching solutions for problems – Capacidad de trabajo en grupo, buen trato y relación con clientes. – Open mind to work with a dynamic team in eBike area with many possibilities to grow up. – Methodology by objectives and analytical for validation test – Metodologías de especificación, desarrollo y pruebas. – Conocimientos sobre criptografía básica (SSL,TLS). – Afición por el mundo de la movilidad eléctrica y del ciclismo. – Posibilidad de Incorporación inmediata.   WEB OFFER – Formar parte de un equipo joven y con muchas ganas. – Un inmejorable ambiente en un cómodo y funcional centro de trabajo. – Trabajar en proyectos grandes y pequeños.  – Un contrato de 40 horas semanales.   Si tu perfil cumple la mayoría de los puntos anteriores, seguramente seas el candidato ideal para formar parte de nuestro equipo. Haznos llegar tu curriculum a hello@ebikemotion.com y

Rocky Mountain Bikes launch its first eBike with ebikemotion technology, “Welcome to altitude Powerplay”

June 14, 2017
Rocky Mountain Bikes launch its first eBike with ebikemotion technology, “Welcome to altitude Powerplay”   The Canadian Brand goes directly in the e-MTB business with the new Altitude Powerplay. One pure electric mountain bike that the Canadian band has designed in a complete different way to the rest of the market because it includes their own motor, the PowerPlay™ Introducing a fully integrated, electric-assist mountain bike that takes our Altitude’s legendary handling and ride quality and adds a compact, powerful drive system. The new Powerplay™ drive system was designed in parallel with the frame, delivering ultra-short chainstays, optimised suspension kinematics, super-low centre of gravity, and class-leading torque. The result is an e-MTB that actually rides like a proper mountain bike—perfect for everything from self-shuttling all mountain trails, finding flow between the descents, and squeezing in power lunch rides.   The new e-MTB was presente at the end of May in France and it is the result of the brand in order to introduce anything totally different. eBikemotion Technologies, was the provider selected to add the technic layer to the new e-MTB. The requirements of the system were: –         Introduce a USB charging point for Smartphone of Light. –         As simple remote that could be able to offer battery information, assist level, errors and notifications. –         Bluetooth® BLE connection. –         User and Dealer Smartphone APP –         Web area full connected to other platforms like STRAVA™, Facebook® , etc. In order to support these requirements, the best product available were the iWoc® remote, based in LED information and Bluetooth®. The biggest problem in the project was focused in the RS485 technology used by Rocky team for the communication with the high power motor controller included in the motor and developed by a third company. The current 5 buttons iWoc® was only compatible with CAN BUS, anyway ebikemotion developed and specific electronic for Rocky based in 485 because the project was totally different to the rest of the market and got our attention. After 16 month of hard work, the new Altitude Powerplay™ has arrived to the market. For sure is the most exclusive downhill e-mtb of the market, but taking in mind that includes also a high level technology that other eBikes doesn’t includes, even using a remote that was born for urban. The iWoc® remote with 5 buttons is IP67 (other ones are IP54), so it can offer and extra resistance to the worst using condition, like humit or rain. Also it is possible to keep the smartphone safety in the poket during downhill and installed in the handlebar during uphill for guiding and navigation, even offroad. STRAVA™ if full synchronized with the APP and also support off-line navigation and off-line maps, so it is no necessary to have internet connection for APP operation. Ebikemotion APP has included also the off-road navigation and guiding, something exclusive in this kind of eBikes,

Ebikemotion Technologies new member of the Energy Bus consortium

May 22, 2017
Ebikemotion is getting stronger every day in the eBike sector with projects all over the world. From Asia at one end to America on the other. Although we are a company strongly linked to the CAN BUS protocol as it is our means of working in the automotive environment, where we come from, for strategic needs we have had to join the business club and members of the Energy Bus consortium. EnergyBus is an open standard for all electrical components of Light-Electric-Vehicles (LEVs). It aims to improve compatibility and safety of LEVs and consists of a cutting-edge conector family and the respective communication protocol. EBS will be available to all EnergyBus members in spring 2011. EnergyBus consists of a standardized set of connectors, which safely connects electric components of light electric vehicles, such as batteries, chargers, motors, sensors, human interface. These components communicate with each other on a CAN-based protocol. The uniform exchange of information enables the components to provide maximum performance. What makes EnergyBus special, apart form being the only existing standard for LEVs worldwide, is that energy AND service data can safely be transmitted through the same connector at the same time. First Energy Bus products developed by Ebikemotion will arrive to the market at 2017 falling, mainly for HMI and GPS Tracking solutions for some private eBike new systems in the market. More information about Energy Bus: http://www.energybus.org/ More information about Ebikemotion and Energy Bus here: http://www.energybus.org/Organization/Members/EBIKEMOTION-TECHNOLOGIES-SL

Orbea KATU E-50, Official presentation

February 17, 2017
As in everything in life comes the moment when our partners take off and begin their adventure. Hundreds of hours of work and engineering that the user cannot imagine are left behind. Today is one of those days when one of our partners and friends takes off. ORBEA launches its new KATU E-50, an electric bike that stands out for its reliability, efficiency and technology that as they say “KATU E-50 is the Democratization of e-bikes”. We like KATU E-50, what are we saying? … we love KATU, at first glance you may love or hate, but it is an eBike that is designed for an urban and road cycle in short, medium displacements And long ones that will give a solution of mobility to ALL THE FAMILY and that does what it has to do and besides it does well. In ebikemotion® we were surprised from the first day we went out to ride with the first protypes, because we find something different to what the market has been offering, a product well thought out to the smallest detail. The work of customizing the behavior, made exclusively for ORBEA and WITH ORBEA and our engineering, has done something that cannot be copied, carries the intrinsic mark of the ORBEA brand in all its pores. ORBEA, leader in Spain and one of the leading agents in the sector worldwide has relied on ebikemotion® to launch the bike for all, the democratization as they say, of the electric bike. That makes us feel proud but also responsible for this milestone and that responsibility has led us to work hard on the products that are to come. We are already working on the future generations 2 and 3 years, in the new products that KATU and other models can incorporate at the end of this year, to improve and do something different, INNOVATION, which is one of the pillars of ebikemotion® and also of ORBEA and base of the future. The union of such powerful brands gives us very interesting surprises that will soon arrive. From the entire ebikemotion® engineering team today we simply want to add a word to what ORBEA has presented with its new E-50: Thank you!   More Info: Orbea  Web Orbea KATU E-50, Official presentation Orbea Katu e Orbea Katu e50

The ebikemotion platform finalist of ‘Innovative Projects and Ideas of Companies of Palencia’ 2016 awards

November 18, 2016
The first edition of the awards ‘Innovative Projects and Ideas of Companies of Palencia’, convened by the Local Development Agency in order to encourage innovation in the capital city, has, as recently verified by the jury among its three categories : Product or service, Idea and Commerce. Stagemotion SL attended presenting its platform ebikemotion, which during the last year has taken the witness of the project to become a company and start its journey only from the hand of the new company ebikemotion Technologies SL, also headquartered in Palencia. This project has been selected among the three finalists for the 2016 Award: “Innovative product / service” As it could not be otherwise ebikemotion will present some of the models and prototypes on which it is working and will present their clients worldwide in the coming months, some of which have already presented and have received international recognition. So, without a doubt, it’s a good time to see first-hand how the sector is, what new developments are ahead of us and what we are preparing for the new e-bike of the future that incorporates technology from our company. Obviously some things we cannot revealed on the confidentiality of our client’s project, but it will certainly be an opportunity to be able to see the technology in a more direct way and if time allows even to try it. The jury, which showed the “good reception of these awards in the business world of the city, as well as the diversity of products presented,” and wanted to thank “the interest and dedication” of the companies that have taken Party in the contest, was in charge of selecting the finalist nominations in each category, “since the winners will be chosen after the presentation that each company will perform at the gala that will take place on November 23 from 17 hours in The Auditorium of the Centro Cultural Lecrác “. From ebikemotion Technologies and from StageMotion, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the City of Palencia for giving us the opportunity to attend these awards and for being nominated as finalists, something that in itself is already a recognition of the effort made during The last 3 years, for a company that already has very important development contracts worldwide. Good luck to the contestants in the final and hopefully there will be luck.

The new Desiknio Classic & Sport in the ebikemotion Eurobike booth

September 22, 2016
The new author handcrafted electric bikes of Desiknio that will arrive to the end user market at the end of the year could could be contemplated and even tested by someone in the ebikemotion Technologies booth at Eurobike 2016. While it is true that this year we did not introduced a test area, we had no choice to leave some our OEM customers to try these new models with only 13.5 Kg of weight that are close to the perfection of art and engineering made by Desiknio. The new e-bikes handcrafted are only produced by requestand incorporate much of the technology that ebikemotion Technologies presented at Eurobike 2016 and will hit the market later this year. Specifically Desiknio models incorporate: – IWoc® ONE – Smart Motor Control – EBM M1 (HUB Motor) – EMB B1 (Inner Battery Concept) – ebikemotion APP Although some of the products like the New ebikemotion Motor M1 and B1 Battery are under previous design, the new Desiknio Clasic Sport models were able to mount the first prototypes, virtually handmade. Driving new Desiknio for city and highway is impressive. The Smart Motor Control gives the engine smoothness and progression during the riding that makes it not necessary to incorporate any additional shifting and simply with a Single Speed system can face all kinds of tours both city and mountain roads. Based transmission belt “Gates Carbon Drive ™ Center Track” makes it so extremely smooth gait that sometimes do not notice or that we are riding one e-bike. The assembly, in combination with an internal battery of 380w specially designed for this model raise the range to more than 80 km real. The iWoc® ONE system becomes the perfect travel companion. The simplicity of a button becomes magic under the slogan LESS IS MORE, and it is very true, you really do not need more than a button. The user can know the battery level through the own RGB light button and the current level of assistance by the number of flashes of it. The button switches on/off the bike, change the power level and perform many tasks related to the context. But really “needed more?”, the answer is no. We are facing a bike author where what we are looking for is elegance, perfection, efficiency, weight reduction …. And that gets the combination of iWoc® ONE and Smart Control. Additionally, if the user wants to get extra information simply use your mobile phone as a display, or just check your SmartWatch, as this impressive e-bike incorporates Bluetooth® connection to send and transmit information to our Smartphone. So we know consumption, the state, where our e-bike, as your battery is and we can go further as it incorporates navigation and voice announcements of all information. Each time you press the button we can know through mobile without looking at the state as the e-bike is connected to the user’s mobile voice automatically and sends notices regarding autonomy, battery, speed, maneuver to be performed, etc. And something we

Elby bike, a new concept of urban bike

September 21, 2016
The Californian manufacturer presents its new urban bike ELBY, an innovative and creative model that has gained worldwide recognition getting nothing less than the Eurobike Award 2016 in the category of e-bike Pedelec. As Frank Stronach says (Founder of Elby and visionary) says, “the shortest distance between two points is boring,” and no doubt that with this new model, the American brand is committed to a concept of mobility efficient solution with modern design and sophisticated technology integrates all the high-end category, making the product accessible and easy to everyone. When ELBY BIKE goes to ebikemotion® Technologies team to confer the development of its new APP, did not even know the bike, the bike really was a total mystery for us. We only had a functional parts for all development. Target, and product orientation also kept in absolute secrecy. Interbike 2015 in Las Vegas was the place to get the first images of this awesome product and until June 2016 could not have a sample to test the bike, it really is one of the best solutions on the market, not only for the engine as It includes the new BionX D Series, but because ergonomically is a great product, is comfortable and versatile … a real killer for competitors. We are very proud that the California company trusted us for this project and will certainly continue to work to bring to market new versions of APP that leads our DNA. External links Elby Web Elby Intranet

Ohm cycles, includes Bluetooth technology smartphone APP powered ebikemotion®

September 20, 2016
OHM incorporates in its new range of MY2017 e-bikes powered by BionX, ebikemotion® technology, specially their e-bikes featured with the new battery 555W with Bluetooth® of the motor manufacturer. The Canadian bicycle manufacturer OHM unveils its portfolio of products and does so with a new range of e-bikes based on the new generation of motor D-Series produced by BionX and built-in battery Downtube 555W. Thus, the new OHM models incorporate Bluetooth® and communication technology by APP developed by ebikemotion Technologies for the American engine manufacturer BionX International Corporation. OHM users only have to download the application BionX iTunes (Apple Store) or Google Play, install it and match it to your OHM ebike when the bike is on. The system allows the user to download from the first connection 3 maps of the continent preferred by those who have access to unlimited. New maps are also available for download. This Canadian brand joins the new family of compatible brands with products designed by the Spanish firm ebikemotion® Technologies for the BionX along with Wheeler brand, which is deploying the product mainly in Switzerland and Germany. More info: Ohm Electric bikes Web

“Ebikemotion® Propulsion”, the new commitment of ebikemotion

September 19, 2016
Ebikemotion presented its first concept HUB motor models that definitely will see the light next spring (2017). Low weight HUB drives with high performance and efficiency to be supplied only in combination with the rest of elements of our platform, especially our “Smart Control” motor controllers. In the automotive industry (origin of ebikemotion® company), nothing is left to chance and it is no surprise that ebikemotion® launched in Eurobike’16 its new motor control. A system in which we had been working months ago and that many brands have selected to incorporate in the new models that will be presented during 2017 and even at the end of 2016. The new range of “Smart Control” products with BEB-01 as one of most representative units because high efficiency results  is the tip of the iceberg. Ebikemotion works in some motor models at both mechanical and electronic level for months ago. In response to market demands new series of propulsion systems based in ebikemotion® technology will begin to see the light before the spring of 2017, when the Spanish brand launches a new HUB motor. This type of motor includes a highly tested and suitable technology for many urban bicycles, but clearly is a type of motor has lost terrain in comparison with mid drives. However, although ebikemotion® helps design new mid drives, the HUB motor still has a wide acceptance and applicability in the market. It big problem is that technologically is not getting the attention it deserves. Most HUB motors are manufactured in Asia where there is no so innovation and not European or American alternatives are expensive in relation to added value offered. For this reason ebikemotion® launched months ago a propulsion division with the idea of progressively launch propulsion solutions for e-bikes that offered new products from the point of view of innovation. The new M1 is a clear example. The new Mi HUB motor designed by ebikemotion will incorporate 6 large differences to current market solutions that will make it the essential travel tool companion. Many manufacturers are already interested in the product, which could be seen at our booth Eurobike’16 a very primitive version of it (not yet incorporated the new features that are kept secret). The new engine will weigh approximately 2kg, an attractive design, a small footprint and systems that facilitate their integration into the new e-bikes. In combination with “Smart Control” of ebikemotion®, the result is a light, fast and efficient e-bike. Even more than the prototype that we saw in Eurobike that raised enormous doubts about whether it was an e-bike or not, with your weight 13Kg and integration of internal battery.

The new range of Legend ebikes at ebikemotion® booth in Eurobike’2016

September 19, 2016
One of the MY2017 e-bikes, that could be seen in Eurobike’16 was the Legend “ETNA MY2017” that will appear on the market in the spring of 2017. Now it is no longer a secret that ebikemotion® Technologies is positioning itself in the market as a provider of technology to build the next generation of e-bikes connected to present us the market in the coming years and we starts to see some of the models that will incorporates our technology. LEGEND ebikes is one of these examples. The Spanish company has about 5% market share in Spain e-bike and wants to position itself in a much stronger way this natural market as well as Europe. So earlier this year a project was launched to incorporate ebikemotion® technology  into LEGEND e-bikes. The first approach was ebikemotion APP and Bluetooth® remote control. However the awaking of the new product range “Smart Control” of ebikemotion® with the high-efficiency motor controller was a turning element in the relationship with ebikemotion. It really was a technology that the brand could not leave to pass to increase their competitiveness in MY2017. So the new models that will be released from April 2017 will integrate also motor controllers designed and produced by ebikemotion Technologies in Spain. All LEGEND e-bike models (Etna, Millano, Siena and Monza) will incorporate part of the ebikemotion® platform, but specifically include APP, Bluetooth module, the iWoc® remote control and intelligent motor control range BEB-01 Smart Control, that  increases the e-bike efficiency between 15% and 20%, which translates into greater autonomy and less power consumption. As one of the premiere models LEGEND Eurobike’2016 accompanied us on our stand. The model 2017 will incorporate new elements and some accessories brand kept in secret but will soon see the light in its new website, which will inform all the advantages of the new range. Más información: Web Legend
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