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Bianchi Aria e-Road

July 25, 2018
The still active oldest bicycle brand in the world still active, presented at the ebikemotion stand during the last edition of Eurobike 2018 the hybrid evolution of one of the international references in road bikes: Bianchi Aria e-Road The new bicycle designed by Bianchi and that integrates the ebikemotion X35 system into an aperitif, achieves an extraordinarily balanced package without ever losing the essence and charisma of the “Passione celeste”. The Aria e-Road is a carbon bike that provides extra assistance when necessary, offering a unique experience on the road, enhancing the limits of each user and allowing him to face new challenges. This combination Bianchi + ebikemotion is the perfect solution for true lovers of the road, long routes and demanding routes, always having control over the extra power it incorporates, and allowing the user to use it only when necessary.   The new and revolutionary hybrid system of ebikemotion, never hide the effort of the athlete or the sensation of pedaling on the bike, holding a natural and real feeling of pedaling The care and attention that Bianchi brings to each of its designs is complemented by the simpleness and simplicity of the X35 system, resulting in a very elegant electric bicycle without any interference to the user. The perfect integration has been possible thanks to the great joint work with Bianchi and ebikemotion resulting in a perfect bike so you can truly enjoy each route.      

Desiknio Pinion Urban – QCN Eurobike 2018 Highlights

July 19, 2018
Media and press is starting to make echo of the big news and highlights products presented during Eurobike 2018 and for sure that our Global Cycling Network friends of the prestigious Youtube cannel have chosen one of our customers Hybrid eBikes. This time we face the Desiknio Pinion Urban Classic, this “rocket ship” as GCN people says, it is a truly diamond from design and engineering point of view. handcrafted and produced in Spain, Europe. The Desiknio Pinion is got the C1.9 gearbox on there that name the model. So that is a nine speed sequential gearbox.  It will give you a super low bottom gear but a high gear that is equivalent to about 50-11, so you could really tank it on this bike, the brilliant thing about Pinion for Urban Bikes, well a lot of bikes in fact it that it is pretty much maintenance free. All it need is an oil change once a year or roughly every 10.000 kilometres which is a lot of city riding, isn’t it Carbon or leather Brooks seat and cuffs. All accessories are made of polished aluminum, a bike that apart from stylish and beautiful, want to have it hanging on the wall of our living room, right? Apart of the handcrafted TIG double smooth welding polished by hand, Desiknio has taken care of the minimum detail in order to the smooth and cool riding thanks to the Gates Carbon Belt, the monocoque full carbon fiber fork, Brooks Leather Saddle & Grips or Silver Polished Aluminium Parts. Honesly this bike seems to be born to place in the wall of our dining room, isn’t it? But the secret weapon of this model is that it is an eBike, or as we like to say and Hybrid Bike, because it is go an Ebikemotion HUB Drive on there with 250 watts at your disposal. The battery is concealed in the down tube, the ignition witch is there on the top tube, and all in, it weighs just 15 kilos it is like a rocket ship This eBike is not only a  Premium product well designed and produced, even is the unique ebike of the world that includes a Pinion gearing system with Belt transmission. To get this combination the company Desiknio has solve some challenges that has generated their own patent of assembling. We leave to you enjoy the video with the Eurobike 2018 Highlights that GCN has prepared and where you can see this model. We remind to you that QCN people also spend some time to discover the new Hybrid eRoad concept with ORBEA GAIN during eurobike  2017 Highlights report, what means that seems that ebikemotion team is doing things good, getting this attention.   More info: http://desiknio.com/pinionclassic    

X35 – Range Extender

July 18, 2018
The new optional Battery or “Range Extender” from ebikemotion is one of the most interesting accessories of X35 propulsion system. Its 208w complement the 252w of the main inner battery reaching 450w as total capacity. This numbers can move the system during 4.5 hours with a medium consumption of 100wh that is currently the media consumption of the system. There is no challenge that we cannot afford with this upgrade making possible close to 2 hours or hard uphill using the maximum power assist of the system, something completely out of any limitation.   Once the Range extender is connected to the Hybrid eBike, it can work in three different intelligent modes depending of the user requirements. This is a short description of all of them:   1.- Power bank for the main battery when the eBike is stopped or over 25Km/h: When Range extender is connected and switched on it starts to works as charger for the main on if there is no consumption of the main. Perfect solution for garages without plugs or charging while riding. 2.- Charging while riding: When the consumption of the motor will be lower than 2A (downhill, no assistance or over 25km/h, all the energy doesn’t consumed by the motor will charge the main battery. (by this way we compensate the extra consumption during uphill) 3.- Parallel supply: The motor unit consumption is over 2A, the Range extender will supply the first 2A and the additional energy will be supplied by the main one.     Charging while riding? Of course! Thanks to the intelligent charging system we can find that while the user is downhill or when the user is riding over 25 km/h the eBike showing us the iWoc® ONE in bike charging (fading mode of RGB light).   Charging while riding? · Display System: iWoc ONE · Maximun discharge rate: 2A · Total capacity 5.8A · Voltage: 36V · Total capacity: 208,8wh · Type of cell: Panasonic · Charging time: 3 · Dual Charge (One charger can charge main and Extender at the same time) · Comm Technology: CAN BUS (EBM Protrocol) · Waterproof level: Ip57 · Color: black anodized   LOCKING SYSTEM · ebikemotion X35 Bottle Cage with Quick Lock) · Optional Neck Lock · Optional Body Lock CERTIFICATIONS EN 15194:2017, UL 34.8 (Aerial Transportation), MSDS documentation, etc.. CE, FCC.   The Range extender use  iWoc® ONE “the fashion trending button”, making easy to the user to understand the logic of the operation   We have included 4 different locking systems for the Range extender.

Orbea Gain Gravel in Velomotion

July 6, 2018
The prestigious German website Velomotion, few days ago, published a complete test of the Orbea Gain Gravel and gives one of its best highlights “SEHR GUT” (VERY GOOD) This is the final conclusion of its publication “Orbea Gain convinces with the characteristics of its, very high quality and relatively economical, rear engine. Any Gravel cyclist who is looking for an electric bicycle, must choose the Spanish brand.   We leave you HERE the whole Velomotion article. 

Orbea Gain CARBON, The lightest Hybrid, even lighter

July 3, 2018
Just 6 months after the preliminary launch of the GAIN, ORBEA has surprised to everybody with the new model GAIN CARBON, race Hybrid bike now in production that brake completely all molds with only 11,3Kg of weight including the X3.5 Ebikemotion system. It is clear that GAIN is here to stay and the bid of the vasque brand about this model and technology and segment has not doubt and prove the enormous quantity of high-end details that we see in this model. New carbon frame that totally integrates the motor and sensor wires inside it but keeping good access for maintenance. Mavic Aksium elite and Cosmic Carbon wheels mounting 25 and 27C to increase the comfort and versatility. Full color and component customization under the ORBEA MyO system that will give to you the opportunity to create your own personal Hybrid eRace bike. A lot of models and options with high end components including Dura-Ace or even electronic shifting like Shimano Di2. Now available for American market.   Just some days ago we were talking about the electric beauty (Discover the e-Beauty) and looking the new GAIN Carbon you will understand what we are talking about. Congratulations to all ORBEA technical team because the great work done by the brand of which Ebikemotion feels especially proud.  

Discover the e-Beauty in Eurobike show.

June 26, 2018
In some days will arrive Eurobike 2018 the Global Cycling show. Ebikemotion will be there presenting to the market some new systems that we propose for new market segments. Plan your visit and check the new accessories for the X35 system, displays and other coming future parts that we will introduce. Visit to us during Eurobike Show in our booth: A1-508. Ebikemotion is no doubt the company who has introduce the new e-Racing segment. Many of the most representative race and sportive bicycles companies of the world has started to develop their models based in the new X35 system. Ebikemotion Technologies want to make you partner on this history “X35, reinventing the future” Assistance with pedaling without losing sensations and sportsmanship are finally possible, we present the “e-beauty”. The HUB X35 engine, the careful integration of the battery and the innovative control system make the X35 System the best choice for a new segment of light bikes or “HIBRID bikes.” Even disconnected, the high level of integration, small size and weight will give the possibility to create and design products that make one feel again the e-beauty of cycling… ebikemotion proposes you rediscover cycling. We evolved the concept of e-bike towards a new segment “The Hibrids”. A powerful solution that allows you to enjoy all the sensations that a bicycle brings without losing its essence or the purest cycling. In this way the bike does not lose its own identity, its sleek style and design. A lightweight package that simplifies the use and maneuverability, together with an infinite personalization capacity, allows us an unlimited set of personalizations of our system: XC, Road, Gravel, Urban… Discover what ebikemotion and its SMART HIBRID solutions can do for you.   More information here: https://www.ebikemotion.com/e-beauty/

Wilier Cento1 Hybrid, breaking the barrier of 12Kg.

May 25, 2018
Wilier, the italian epic and recognized brand, just presented their model Cento1 Hybrid. This model is characterized by including the light propulsion system X35 from ebikemotion for HUB (rear wheel integration), breaking completely the barrier of 12Kg with only 11,9Kg or 26 pounds and creating the current lighter road electric bicycle of the market. But the race in the market to get the best eRoad is not only focused in getting lighter weight, at the same time Wilier has archived this objective with medium-high end components that gives them the possibility to reach even 10Kg with some improvements in more lighter wheels or carbon components. Anyway the Wilier offer is total balance between quality, performance weight and price. In order to archive the targets, Wilier has opened the ideas box and has introduced the X35 system in one stylized ad-hoc carbon frame and well solved wheels by Miche and group by Shiman (MICHE RACE AXY WP DX / Shimano Ultegra R8000). The frame design (endurance) with high level or integration reduces the sportive riding position, opening the access to and elevated number of users that now (as brand says) could get the feeling of a mythic cycling road activity without any fear to find exigent hills that would make impossible or extremely difficult riding for many ones. At the same time the soft response of the X35 ebikemotion system, gives to the user the possibility to enjoy of authentic road bicycle in terms of apparel, design and agility, adding enough support that over 25km/h is deactivated keeping the normal riding filing of a conventional road bicycle. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important features of the X35 system and reason because the Italian brand has selected X35. The elevated level of integration and how transparent for the user it is, when the ebike system is deactivated, gives to the user the possibility to use the electric SUPPORT SYSTEM, only when it is necessary, by example during the up-hill or in more exigent rides. We need to understand that most of the time the user will be over 25Km/h in in this kind of bicycles. But at the same time X35 add a lot of advantages to the system like the customizable power system that leaves to the user makes a complete setting of the performance of the eBike per assist level by its smartphone and the Bluetooth® connection. We this functionality many more professional riders could be able to adjust the power to enhance their rides selecting the power for each ride or time during the se season. The control of the system during the route is completed done by the iWoc® ONE remote command. A very advanced remote that the ebikemotion brand includes as standard equipment in all its X35 systems and that many people considers the most efficient and integrated control system on the ebike market. The reason, its high degree of simplicity, ergonomics and beauty, elements that give the whole an unparalleled appeal. Wilier has waited

Gain Manages to Surprise Journalists around the world

December 29, 2017
by orbea.com When we made the worldwide presentation of Gain at Unibike, the most important trade fair in the bike industry in Spain, the most common impression among the journalists was:“Are you sure it’s electric?” and “Does it really have a motor?”.After trying it out, the media published other questions:“Could the Orbea Gain be a sign of what the future has in store for e-bikes?”;“Is the Orbea Gain the most beautiful road e-bike around?” Decide for yourself after discovering it in this article that describes the new model. Jack Luke, editor of Bike Radar, says we are nearing a “turning point” in which e-bikes will seem more and more like conventional bikes.“And I think that the Orbea Gain is on the cutting edge of this movement,” he indicates. Luke, who had the opportunity to try out the Gain in Madrid, is “impressed” by its performance. Although he confesses that he was initially skeptical about the rear axle motor, after trying it, he defines it as “every bit as refined” “and maybe even easier to use” than other systems in which the motor is built into the bottom bracket. Besides the cycling media, the Gain also captured the attention of the mass media, among them two of the most read newspapers (with the most visited websites) in Spain: EL PAÍS, where the Gain formed part of a broader article on the “fever” caused by e-bikes and MARCA, whose editor Juan Castrostresses that our hybrid “is very well thought out in terms of its weight distribution and gear transitions.” Juan claims that the three gears on the Gain “are very smooth, very well graduated” and “they provide the added benefit of a comfortable, pain-free ride.” Other mass media sources, such as the website for the TV channel Cuatro, have pointed out that with the launch of Gain “Orbea has revolutionized the e-bike market.” In its latest issue, the German online magazine Gran Fondo dedicates an in-depth analysis to our road hybrid, which it defines as “a very simple, but very capable electric road bike.” “The well designed and clever integration is neat,” going on to also stress its “good handling” and “extremely versatile range of application.” Gran Fondo stresses among the other strong points of the Gain, its “natural motor control” and its “smooth and easy gear changes under power.” Hannah Troop, from the same magazine, had already taken a first look at the Gain, which she calls “The 13 kg featherweight.” Hannah highlighted its light weight and a totally integrated design, which she defined as “super slick.” She also calls attention to the iWoc ONE interface, “which has a super clean look,” which she goes on to describe as “nicely integrated into the top tube which keeps the handlebars clutter-free for other technology.” Bicifácil, sister magazine to more veteran publications like “Ciclismo a Fondo” and “Bike”, had a similar impression to that of Bike Rumor. That’s why the headline of their review says “Are you sure it’s electric?”After trying Gain, they highlight its “minimalist design that is both light and sporty,” emphasizing that its 13.2 kg make it “lighter than

Legend eBikes launches its 2018 range with ebikemotion® technology

December 29, 2017
The new models of the 2018 range of the Spanish company Legend ebike are already available, which incorporates ebikemotion technology throughout its range. The entire 2018 range is part of the new SMART EBIKES concept, as they incorporate the new ebikemotion Smart Motor Control that offers an improvement in terms of efficiency between 15% and 20% higher than other models of similar market segment. All models also use the urban version of iWoc® remote with 5 buttons and Bluetooth® connection, which opens up a world of possibilities for the user from the point of view of connectivity and improves the manufacturer’s control and support processes. The user will be able to use his or her SMART models (Monza, Etna, Milano and Siena) with their mobile phone to know the status of the eBike, riding, record his or her activities and share them with other users and even use their smartphone as a display if you want. The smartphone application (ebikemotion APP) is complemented by a dashboard web page adapted to the needs of Legend which is available using the web address: legend.ebikemotion.com in any browser. In order to use these functions, the user needs to register via web or mobile APP and have a compatible Legend Smart bike. The 5-button remote control allows you to control assistance levels, walk mode, eBike lights and also the APP itself, with ZOOM functions on maps, movement through them, screen change, activation of voice status notifications , etc. This version of command of the iWoc® family of ebikemotion is absolutely urban. It has been designed so that the user does not need anything more than the remote to be able to circulate and know everything important about the eBike. For this, it incorporates 7 high brightness LEDs to inform the user about the level of battery charge and the level of assistance used. An additional LED with an RGB light informs the user about the status of the eBike, bluetooth connections, errors, etc.   Undoubtedly a great commitment of the Spanish company to offer its users a product much more consistent and adapted to the needs of users of this type of bike that feel a bond and respect for the environment. Modern and stylish people who demand a quality product.   Congratulations Legend and welcome to the club.

X35 Starting Pack now available for OEM

December 21, 2017
The X35 Strting Packs are available for the new Bicicle manufacturers that desire to create eBike models based in the X35 system. The Starting pack is a set of goods and services for the OEMS that will give the possibility to create in fast way a full bicycle. For doing that we supply a full compatible carbon frame absolutely compatible with the X35 components (already installed in the eBike). We also supply single parts to play with them in the integration and design of your own frame. The really high advantage of having the X35 Starting Pack is that the OEM is that same day a factory can ride with a full operative system and start the contact with the product in all levels (eBike and parts). Single parts will help to the engineers to make the full integration. The parts supplied in the Starting pack are production samples so there will be no difference with the final product that customer will get during production supplying. But Starting Pack includes a lot of services: MPD – X35 Motor Performance Definition Our engineers will work with your to adapt the motor map performance to your personal feeling. XII – X35 Initial Integration Integration or the parts in your frame FIS – X35 Frame Integration Support Our engineers will check your frame design to cover and accomplish all our requirements XFI – X35 Final Integration Support in the final integration of the parts in your final production design. Support in the APP Production platform integration XAP – X35 APP Integration Integration of your brand mark in our APP system (Web and Smartphones), logos, pictures, models in the system, etc. SPP – X35 Support in eBike Product Presentation Commercial and Technical support in the presentation of your eBike to the media All of these services includes visits to the customer to adjust the motor and ebike performace to the feeling of OEM in order to create your special view of the eBike as well as our engineering time in IT and software APP and design to adap our APP and System to your BRAND. Finally we include some mechanic engineering time to check that your frame design fits all the documentation and restrictions of our specifications. The Starting pack services is available from 10.000€ including all mentioned services (only one time) and it is supplied after the OEM has made a test ride with an production ebikemotion X35 ebike in our facilities or customer ones. It is important that OEM account was nominated for the integration of X35 so it is necessary to know the dimension of OEM ebike project and some topics in relation with time to market, cost, etc.
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