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MAHLE ebikemotion: Award for technological innovation from the specialised press in Spain

February 11, 2019
Last Thursday, January 7th 2019, “The Bike of the Year 2019” Awards Gala was held in Madrid. These awards were organised by the Motorpress Ibérica group and brought together all the benchmark entities from the world of cycling at a national level for the 27th year of this event. By way of the specialised Ciclismo a fondo media, the magazines Bike and Triatlón, and the great biking community that consists of almost 20,000 readers in Spain and Portugal, these awards highlight the year’s leading moments in the world of cycling. And this time, MAHLE ebikemotion was present in a very special way, since we were awarded the special prize for “Technological Innovation”; a recognition that we were especially pleased to receive, and one that encourages our team to strive to improve every day in each of our technological developments applied to the world of cycling. It was an immensely proud moment for all of us who are part of MAHLE ebikemotion to share the stage at this gala with international figures from the world of Spanish sports such as Alberto Contador (Sports Career Award) or Rakel Mateo (Award for overcoming), and to share this gala event together with unique figures in cycling in Spain such as Miguel Indurain; figures who valued our contribution to the world of cycling very positively, with the hybrid bicycle systems we develop for the leading world manufacturers of road bikes. In particular these include bikes like the Orbea Gain, Wilier Cento1 Hybrid, Pinarello Dyodo, Bianchi eAria and Rible Endurance SLe, or electronic accessories in eMTB in emblematic bikes such as the BH AtomX Display or Rocky Mountain PowerPlay, among many others.

XD02, The new e-bike in town

December 11, 2018
Since differences really matter, it’s a pleasure for us to present a great electric bike with its own identity: the XD02 from Logo e-bikes; a spectacular electric bike that we’re sure will become one of the main benchmarks in the urban segment over the coming year. The XD02 model incorporates the X35 system developed by MAHLE ebikemotion, integrating it perfectly to ensure that no one is immune to the charms of this hybrid bicycle with a purely urban heart. It stands out, above all, due to its versatility, both in town and out of town, thus responding successfully to the difficult challenge of being the perfect bike for almost any occasion. The XD02 is a bike that adapts to you, to your daily needs and to your riding style, thereby presenting an innovative concept of a light urban bicycle. Its weight has been kept as low as possible (30% less than the market average) making it a bicycle that is responsive but without sacrificing any of its features. The transmission is smooth and silent, the indisputable hallmark of the “Gates Carbon” system, which also achieves a remarkable weight reduction in this model and ensures that this bike adapts perfectly to any terrain thanks to the two-speed system on the Kappstein Doppio pedal-set. Both systems become the perfect complement to our X35 system, thereby achieving the ideal bicycle. The XD02 transmits great sensations from the very outset. The careful design of its geometry, the quality of the materials and its excellent assembly are all striking features, giving the user unbeatable sensations on every outing. In addition, despite being an electric bike, the X35 has a hybrid system to ensure that the rider never lacks the feeling of control and pedalling so that every cycling buff can keep on enjoying their time on 2 wheels while minimising suffering at the more demanding moments of their trip. More info about XD02: https://logo-ebikes.com/product/ebikemotion-xd02/  

Schindelhauer presents Adam, its e-bike with MAHLE-ebikemotion technology

November 22, 2018
In Berlin, on the 15th of last November, the premium German brand Schindelhauer presented its new e-bike models for 2019. The new Schindelhauer Adam stood out particularly among all the innovations presented, being an electric bicycle that maintains all the pure and minimalist lines that characterise this brand in every one of its creations. This purely urban bicycle integrates the motor and the battery developed by Mahle-ebikemotion perfectly, giving the sensation on first contact of being a bicycle with no power assistance, while in reality being one that will allow the rider to travel between 50 and 100 km in urban areas with electric assistance. At first sight the Adam’s geometry makes this bike look like a purely sports concept, yet that sensation changes completely on riding it, since it gives the user an amazing sensation of comfort. This is no doubt achieved due to the reduced weight of the assembly (13.4 kg) and a careful distribution of all its components, with all the wiring concealed inside the fork and the frame, giving rise to an extremely elegant appearance. This work of art on wheels is completed with components that are guaranteed to impress, such as the “Brooks” leather seat and handgrips, Gates Carbon Drive CDX drive belt, hydraulic brakes, etc. In addition, another great new feature that the Schindelhauer team demonstrated in this event was the LightSKIN LED lighting system integrated in the handlebars, an ideal complement to the LightSKIN LED rear lighting built into the seat post, both controlled to perfection using our iWoc® ONE remote control, developed by MAHLE ebikemotion. This bike is sure to become one of the benchmarks in the urban hybrid bicycle sector in 2019, destined to hit the streets from the summer of 2019 onwards, although it will be possible to reserve it from the beginning of the year at a price of €3.795 (19% VAT incl.)   Official press release here: https://www.schindelhauerbikes.com/en/Schindelhauer-Goes-Electric/   More information in networks (German) here: https://pedelec-elektro-fahrrad.de/news/schindelhauer-2019-die-e-bike-modelle-im-detail/204220/amp/

MAHLE ebikemotion, gets the RD Chamber of Commerce Award

November 12, 2018
  MAHLE ebikemotion, based in Palencia (Castilla y León), Spain, just got the Research and Innovation award that the local Chamber of Commerce give each year.  The award take in consideration the activities of the company under the RD to create new products to place the company in the global market offering and singular and new product.  Sure that the success got by MAHLE ebikemotion with the introduction of HYBRID concept in the e-Bikes specially in the new segment of e-Road, has generated the fast growing of the company that right now can count to most of the PREMIUM BICYCLE MANUFACTURES of the world.  This kind of success will be sure reinforced by the new company control by MAHLE. Now together both companies could afford new challenges to place the product in more markets with new production and quality capabilities.  MAHLE ebikemotion continues its activities in RD and the company is grown in all areas, with a big open offer of new positions to hire good and new talent that wants to develop it carrear inside one of the biggest automotive companies of the market, MAHLE  Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for the Award

The Concept of Pinarello “DYODO”

November 12, 2018
  Even though e-road bikes are relatively new in the world of pedal-assist bikes, their appeal to the cyclist is to growing. E-road bikes are no longer simply just bikes to play around on- More often, they’re considered real road bikes for cyclists who need support during their ride.

MAHLE intensifies pedelec activities

October 22, 2018
Stuttgart, October 22, 2018 – MAHLE acquires ebikemotion® Technologies S.L., a Spanish specialist in pedelec drives, HMI, and connectivity based in Palencia/Spain. This acquisition strengthens MAHLE’s activities in the area of electrically powered bicycles and further expands its holistic systems competence. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. Press release [PDF; 36 KB] Press picture [Copyright: Orbea; JPG; 4544 KB] Acquisition of ebikemotion® Technologies S.L., a specialist in pedelec systems, HMI, and connectivity MAHLE expands its holistic systems competence “The global market for pedelecs will continue to grow rapidly. Our aim is to expand our activities further in this area and establish ourselves as a systems provider,” says Dr. Jörg Stratmann, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of the MAHLE Group. With around 30 employees at its location in Palencia, ebikemotion® Technologies S.L. has comprehensive know-how of systems and components as well as proven competence in connectivity. In combination with MAHLE’s expertise in the area of drive units and industrialization, this will make MAHLE a systems provider for pedelec drives. The strength of ebikemotion® is the use of compact and lightweight rear wheel hub motors, batteries, electronic control units, and other pedelec components that can be integrated unobtrusively into the bicycle. The hardware is supplemented by an integrated connectivity solution featuring mobile and web-based apps. The ebikemotion® system is particularly suitable for use in lightweight racing bikes, gravel bikes, and city bikes. ebikemotion® is a “hidden champion” in this sector and has already attracted a number of well-known customers. “A pleasant cycling experience combined with a powerful drive and high connectivity make a good pedelec, and these factors are crucial if we want to be successful on the market,” states Wilhelm Emperhoff, Member of the Management Board and responsible for the Filtration and Engine Peripherals business unit as well as the Mechatronics division at MAHLE. “We are confident in the technology of ebikemotion® and are now looking forward to working even more closely with our new colleagues in this market.” About MAHLE MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry as well as a pioneer for the mobility of the future. The MAHLE Group is committed to making transportation more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more comfortable by continuously optimizing the combustion engine, driving forward the use of alternative fuels, and laying the foundation for the worldwide introduction of e-mobility. The group’s product portfolio addresses all the crucial issues relating to the powertrain and air conditioning technology—both for drives with combustion engines and for e-mobility. MAHLE products are fitted in at least every second vehicle worldwide. Components and systems from MAHLE are also used off the road—in stationary applications, for mobile machinery, rail transport, as well as marine applications. In 2017, the group generated sales of approximately EUR 12.8 billion with about 78,000 employees and is represented in more than 30 countries with 170 production locations. At 16 major research and development centers in Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Spain, Slovenia, the USA, Brazil, Japan, China, and India, around 6,100 development engineers

Ribble launch the Endurance SLe

October 19, 2018
The competition for being the world’s lightest e-road bike range is still opened and the new player is the legendary UK brand Ribble Cycles. The new Ribble Endurance SLe. Super stealth smooth and controlled power assistance with 3 power settings all in a superlight high-end carbon road platform. With builds ranging from 11kg the Ribble Endurance SLe is the World’s lightest e-road bike range. The Ribble Endurance SLe has exceeded this brief and set a new benchmark for e-road bike design. Weighing as little as 11kg the SLe has positioned itself as the lightest e-road bike range in the World, offering the rider up to 250W of smooth and controlled power assistance on climbs and up to 26km/h through 3 power settings combined with a 250Wh internal battery (or up to 750Wh with the additional external battery packs) all of this is built into a superlight chassis that has all the attributes of a cutting edge high-end road bike. In own words of Mr. Andy Smallwood Ribble Cycles CEO, “This was paramount in our minds as we embarked on our e-road bike project. Our brief was to develop a product that would enhance the experience and essence of road riding by providing smooth and controlled power assistance when the rider needs it, whilst crucially ensuring that when power assistance is not required the product looks and feels like a normal high-end road bike.” Ribble Endurance SLe will be presented to the market during the last Cycle Show 2018 at the Birmingham, (September 27 – 30) and it was one of the most interesting bikes presented there getting most of the press interest. The bike integrate the X35 Propulsion system produced and designed by MAHLE ebikemotion, including motor, battery and HMI platform. More information about the model: Ribble Web: https://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-endurance-sl-e/  

Interbike Awards 2018: Bianchi Aria e-Road Innovation Winner

October 1, 2018
Just a few days ago, the last edition of the most important bicycle trade show in America was finished: Interbike 2018. This year ebikemotion was also presented in an outstanding way through the Biachi Aria e-Road winning one of the most prestigious prizes that are given in this fair: the award for innovation in the road segment. The “Interbike Awards” rate and reward the most important developments of the bicycle world in the last 12 months, being the jury of these awards some of the major references in the cycling world in the United States, such as: “Bicycle Retailer And Industry News (BRAIN) “,” The Mann Group “or” The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) “among others.   This jury highlighted the aesthetic and functional spectacle of the hybrid version of one of the Bianchi Aria, a benchmark model within the road segment of the Italian brand for many years. The transparency of the electrical system when it remains off and the perfect adaptability to the user is able to provide sensations until now they were not known in an electric bicycle.   The care with which Bianchi has developed the integration of our ebikemotion system X35, is felt in every millimeter of this bicycle, and for us it is a pleasure that, the general public and also the specialists of the bicycle sector value and appreciate all the great development work that exists behind this bicycle.   For the whole ebikemotion team, it is a great pride that the ebikemotion X35 system get once again one of the most important awards in the world, in the bicycle sector.   

Gain Manages to Surprise Journalists around the world – August 2018

August 31, 2018
by orbea.com When we made the worldwide presentation of Gain at Unibike, the most important trade fair in the bike industry in Spain, the most common impression among the journalists was:“Are you sure it’s electric?” and “Does it really have a motor?”.After trying it out, the media published other questions:“Could the Orbea Gain be a sign of what the future has in store for e-bikes?”;“Is the Orbea Gain the most beautiful road e-bike around?” Decide for yourself after discovering it in this article that describes the new model.        
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