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Islabikes eICONS: REDDOT 2020 Award for the best product design

April 20, 2020
Since its inception, Islabikes has been a world leader in children’s bikes. But for a few years now, it has also been spearheading the market of specially designed bikes for the over 65s. The brand has always been renowned for integrating major innovations in its bikes, achieving fully ergonomic, functional and accessible developments for all, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Islabikes manages to make cycling and moving around by bike not only a fun and healthy activity, but also suitable for absolutely everyone. And what would happen if we combined the most iconic Islabikes versions with the MAHLE ebikemotion hybrid pedalling systems? Well we now have the answer, in the form of the eICONS range. What’s more, its launch was accompanied by one of the biggest recognitions in the product design industry sector. The first contact that this new range of hybrid bikes has had with users could not have been more successful. The Red Dot jury, one of the most symbolic awards in industrial design, awarded it the “Product Design 2020” recognition for excellence in its design and innovation. Red Dot have been global leaders since 1954 and often set future trends that are almost certainly to be implemented in the mainstream in the coming years. This is one of the best recognitions for all of the work done by Islabikes since it began. The first two electric versions of eICONS are the eJanis (road version) and the eJimi (mountain bike version) Islabikes models. They stand out for the smooth, controlled and non-intimidating pedalling assistance provided by our light systems, also achieving a total weight of just 14 kg, something which up until a few years ago was unthinkable for an electric bike. The eJanis and eJimi Islabikes models will be available to the general public at the start of summer 2020 and you can stay completely up to date with all the latest news on them by subscribing to the Islabikes website at this link:

Ingenious design: iF Gold Award 2020 for Schindelhauer Arthur

April 17, 2020
Although Schindelhauer is one of the world leaders in urban bike design, perhaps until now its electrical developments clashed with the careful minimalist design for which the German brand is renowned. However, its approach to electric bikes changed radically when the hybrid pedalling assistance system by MAHLE ebikemotion X35 was integrated into a Schindelhauer, resulting in a spectacular bike like Arthur. Pure lines and maximum attention to detail for a visually impeccable light electric bike (13.4 kg). And just as Arthur is about to be available to the general public, Schindelhauer has received one of the highest international recognitions in the world of product design with the iF Gold Award 2020. The iF Design Awards have been rewarding and promoting excellence in industrial design since as early as 1953, identifying, supporting and promoting design work and versatility in our daily lives.  This year, the Schindelhauer Arthur was selected for its Gold Award by 78 industry experts out of more than 7,300 participants from 56 different countries. The iF Awards jury highlighted the very ingenious way the electrical system had been integrated, making this bike the greatest exponent of minimalist design. From the outset, Schindelhauer has been backing bikes and pedalling assistance systems as some of the greatest exponents of urban mobility, making the abandonment of fossil fuel-based transport systems 100% feasible. With its arrival on the market in November 2020, Arthur will take the next step to achieve just that. More info in Schindelhauer web:  https://www.schindelhauerbikes.com/en/Arthur-wins-iF-gold-award-for-its-ingenious-design/

Wilier Cento10 Hybrid: Design and exclusivity ahead of its time.

January 17, 2020
When it seemed that Wilier had hit a high point in the world of hybrid road bikes with the Cento1 Hybrid, the Italian halberd brand aimed even higher with a spectacular lightweight hybrid road bike design, the incredible Wilier Cento10 Hybrid. The most innovative bike of today that is ready to lead the high-end e-bike market for many years. Its extreme lightness is noted with a weight of around 10.5 kg, something achieved thanks to a 7% reduction in the weight of the frame, the monocoque handlebars and the development of the most lightweight electric system on the market: the MAHLE ebikemotion X35+. This reduction in weight is also reflected in the battery life, reaching up to 4.5% optimisation. Always looking to maintain all the essence of a conventional bike, Cento10 Hybrid has a total integration so far only seen in more exclusive models, and its design is reflected in a significant 8% aerodynamic improvement compared to CENTO1 hybrid.   Another point to be noted is the increase in driving safety that Wilier has achieved in this development, innovating and achieving a fantastic integration of our iWoc ONE on the handlebars, making any interaction with them when driving safer and more functional. All these points have already been praised by the specialist international press and were also backed by the judges of the Eurobike Awards 2019 with one of the top global prizes, which named this bike as overall winner in the electric road bike category in 2019 and the prestigious Design & Innovation award elected by international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts. There is no question that the Wilier Cento10 Hybrid will be one of the greatest models in the future of road bikes over the next few years, and here at MAHLE ebikemotion, we are extremely proud to have participated in this development.

Cannondale Supersix Evo Neo

November 18, 2019
Spectacular is the perfect word to describe and sum up the latest bike from Cannondale with the MAHLE ebikemotion hybrid system. After the success of Cannondale’s first ‘X35’ equipped launch with the urban ebike Treadwell Neo, we are now bringing the Supersix Evo Neo to the international market at the speed of light. Its aesthetic style and the sensations it provides make this bike perfect for riding. Made from BallisTec carbon and with an efficient aerodynamic design, this bike minimises wind resistance as much as possible. This can be appreciated in every part of its frame, from the handlebar to the rear axle. The Supersix EVO NEO is very lightweight, allowing it to achieve maximum speeds. The geometry of this ebike, significantly influenced by that of rigid competition models, together with its efficient micro-suspension system and the potential to fit wide tires, allows for a smooth and enjoyable ride without even slightly sacrificing the precise handling needed to go round every bend, providing an endless amount of great sensations. Our X35 MAHLE ebikemotion system, with its perfectly integrated battery and highly popular lightweight motor, provides invisible assistance with optimal autonomy so it can handle any kind of road. The rider can personalise their bike with up to three different levels of assistance, so it can be adapted to suit any kind of cyclist or route, providing support whenever you need it and without ever feeling cumbersome. If your cycling routes are anything out of the ordinary, the new Supersix EVO NEO can incorporate the MAHLE ebikemotion Range Extender, which massively increases the system’s independence.


October 3, 2019
By Simplon.com The success model Kiaro enters the roadbike market as a “Pmax” too. A minimalistic ebikemotion motor hub drive as well as a 25-Wh battery on the down tube ensure constant support uphill. The slim battery takes up so little space that the difference to a bike without drive unit is barely noticeable – that’s integration at its best! And its low weight is quite impressive as well: The Kiaro Pmax weighs in at only 10.7 kilogrammes.     

Free to Choose, Wilier Jena Hybrid

October 1, 2019
By Wilier.com https://www.wilier.com/en/products/world/e-bikeurban/jena-hybrid/ Jena Hybrid has a carbon monocoque frame and fork. The frame’s geometry is similar to the Jena, offering a performance endurance ride combined with a comfortable ride position for long hours spent in the saddle.The Jena Hybrid features traditional components like hydraulic disc brakes, 11 speed transmission and carbon or aluminium rims. The only component added to the traditional configuration is the rear hub containing the 40 Nm Ebikemotion motor to assist pedalling.The motor is powered by a 250 Wh battery perfectly integrated inside the frame’s down tube. System control (on, off and monitoring) is controlled by the iWoc button installed on the handlebar, allowing the rider to choose Jena Hybrid’s various assistance modes.  

New DYODO Gravel, a Pinarello without limitations.

August 1, 2019
Today, Pinarello is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive brands when it comes to road developments. This is especially relevant when all this accumulated knowledge begins to be reflected in new developments in the gravel sector.   So, what would happen if Pinarello, together with the best hybrid system on the market for electric bikes, decided to make a spectacular gravel bike? We’re clear on this: the result is one of the best gravel bikes on the market which will be a reference point in the sector for the whole of 2020.   Pinarello will continue to introduce new models based on the MAHLE X35 systems and this is demonstrated by the new gravel version of the Pinarello DYODO which the Italian brand launched a few weeks ago.   For now, only users in the American market can enjoy this spectacular model with a maximum assisted speed of 32 km/h. The new DYODO Gravel is the result of know-how acquired from the DYODO and GREVIL developments which the brand launched a few months ago, combining and evolving each of the two developments’ key points to perfection, attaining the perfect formula for the majority of cyclists who seek to glide along tracks, whilst maintaining the capacity to ride on the road without limitations.

MAHLE will present its innovations for electric bikes at Eurobike 2019

July 30, 2019
Almost a year after the German multinational MAHLE purchased ebikemotion, the new company will give the green light to its new range of eBike products at Eurobike 2019, which will take place from the 4th to 7th of September in the city of Friedrichshafen, the worldwide nerve centre during these days for everything related to the world of cycling. At the MAHLE stand, you can see new products which will be put on the market in the next few months, such as the new range of HUB X35 + motors, innovations in displays, the new Range Extender, our new application for smartphones, “ONE”, as well as the development of our connectivity platform. In addition, by making an appointment with our commercial team, you’ll be able to discover some exclusive advances in the new motors which MAHLE will put on the market for MY2021 and which will begin to come out in the spring of 2020. At our Eurobike stand, you can also enjoy the latest news from the leading manufacturers who use our technology. Models not yet placed on the market and exclusive customisations of some reference models in the market of hybrid eBikes will be at our stand of more than 100 m 2 where you can discover first-hand all our engineering developments for electric bikes which will reach the market next year. We invite you to request an appointment through our email hello@ebikemotion.com , so that our commercial team can attend to you in one of the meeting areas that we’ll set out at our stand. Eurobike Show 2019 (4 – 7 September) · Friedrichshafen – Germany · Pavilion A1 – Stand 500

Marco A. de la Serna, “Businessman of the year in Castilla y León”.

April 15, 2019
For our team it’s an immense privilege to once again receive a new recognition for one of the most important members of the MAHLE ebikemotion team. This time, in the 10th edition of the Castilla y León Emprende Awards, the Junta de Castilla y León by way of the Institute for Business Competitiveness have awarded our partner Marco A. de la Serna the recognition of “Best Entrepreneur of the year in Castilla y León”. This award, which was presented on April 11th 2019 in the Business Solutions Centre of the Junta de Castilla y León in Valladolid to MAHLE ebikemotion’s current head of innovation, development and sales, is for us a new recognition of the work and effort of one of the people who created this project from scratch, thereby laying the foundations of what is today MAHLE ebikemotion. Marco A. managed to transform this project into a business reality, becoming in just a few years one of the leading R&D&i companies in the electric mobility segment at an international level, and a leading benchmark in the sector in light propulsion systems for bicycles. Marco A. de la Serna, General Manager of ebikemotion almost since its inception, had the vision and ability to create an innovative hybrid and extremely light bike system. Something completely contrary to the direction in which the electric bicycle market was heading at the time. This faith in the R&D&i, was rewarded incredibly in a very short time by the major brands from the world of cycling, as well as by the general public, achieving a resounding success at all levels.

Colnago E64 performance

April 5, 2019
If there’s been an emblematic bike in Colgano in recent years, it is without doubt the C64. Now, the new Colnago E64 appears. This is the first hybrid bike from the prestigious black cloverleaf brand that maintains all the essence and lines of the C64, the flagship of the brand. With the brand’s 65th anniversary just around the corner, the E64 is the Italian company’s first electric bicycle, integrating MAHLE ebikemotion’s X35 system, yet without losing an iota of the character and personality that Ernesto Colgano has brought to each of his creations. Respecting and maintaining the same lines that define the C64, the Colnago E64 achieves the perfect evolution for those looking for a little extra in each of their outings or simply want to enjoy more of the route without wearing themselves out physically. Going further, climbing higher … contributing as much as you want with a system that is transparent for the user, that doesn’t hinder every turn of the pedals, while retaining all the sensations that a bicycle gives to those who love road cycling.   This incredible bicycle emanates “made in Italy” at every turn, both in terms of its looks and its functions, with careful details in the integration of the electrical system and an excellent end result that gives it a clear “Colnago style”.   In this way, the E64 joins the rest of the bicycles from the major brands who place their trust in MAHLE ebikemotion hybrid systems as a benchmark in the electric segment, within each brand’s bicycle portfolio.
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