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The new Road bike Neowise F3, by Comet Bicycle

September 9, 2021
The new road e-bike Neowise F3 by the south korean bicycle manufacturer Comet Bicycle stands out in the road sector because of its level of integration of the battery and motor, so it looks as a normal bike. The battery is integrated inside the frame and just the top flat parts of switch is exposed.    Motor is part of the rear hub. The cassette sprocket and brake rotor conceals the rear hub that include motor.     The basis of this road e-bike is X35+ system by MAHLE SmartBike Systems that includes the battery, switch, charging port, rear hub motor and the weight with only 3,kg weigh.                 Due to the X35+ System by MAHLE SmartBike Systems, the weigh of the new Neowise F3 by Comet Bicycle complete bike is just 11,kg.        Complete bike has full carbon frame and fork and it ‘s equipped with Shimano 105 group set and far sports carbon wheels. Neowise F3 Road bike by Comet Bicycle is the choice if you look for a road e-bike with an affordable price.

“El Compromiso” de “30 días en bici”

March 29, 2021
Desde MAHLE siempre hemos visto a la bicicleta como el medio de transporte ideal para la gran mayoría de desplazamientos diarios en las ciudades. Desde nuestros inicios, el desarrollo y evolución de nuestros sistemas busca que montar en bici sea algo sencillo y accesible para cualquier persona y que sin tener en cuenta su condición física o edad, haciendo que sea posible llegar más lejos y más alto. Por eso hoy queremos haceros llegar una bonita iniciativa de promoción de la utilización de la bicicleta como medio de transporte llamada “30 Días en Bici”. Esta iniciativa nació en Gijón en 2013 y desde entonces cada año toma una mayor relevancia en España y durante los últimos años también a nivel internacional. Este año, el equipo de “30 días en bici” nos presentan “El Compromiso 2021” en el que propone a todas las personas utilizar la bicicleta siempre que sea posible durante los 30 días del mes de Abril. ¿Te parece sencillo? pues además de esto, nos proponen un segundo reto algo mas complicado… tratar de conseguir que una persona cercana a nosotros sea capaz de involucrarse en esta iniciativa. La ecuación es sencilla. Si todos conseguimos esto, duplicaremos el número de ciclistas en las ciudades reduciendo así el número de vehículos y la contaminación y consiguiendo un espacio mucho mejor para todos los ciudadanos. Para participar en “El Compromiso 2021” tan sólo tienes que inscribirte a través de un pequeño formulario en la web de 30diasenbici.com y además participaras en el sorteo de dos bicicletas: https://www.30diasenbici.com/el-compromiso/ Importantes referentes de la bicicleta en España como son AMBE (Asociación de marcas y bicicletas de España), Red de Ciudades por la Bicicleta o la Coordinadora en defensa de la bici entre otras, colaboran de manera directa y promueven esta magnífica iniciativa. Nosotros queremos aportar nuestro granito de arena haciéndoos llegar esta iniciativa y compartiendo con todos vosotros la manera perfecta de iniciar un gran cambio en la sociedad actual.

New range of Merida hybrid bikes. Practically perfect.

March 16, 2021
Is it possible to offer three entirely different bikes using the same MAHLE X35+ electric system? We can confirm that it is indeed possible if one of the world’s leading bike manufacturers is involved. Merida has just released its new range of hybrid bikes, which all integrate MAHLE electric systems. Without ever losing that sensation of driving yourself forward with your own legs, these three lightweight hybrid bikes with the MAHLE electric system demonstrate our system’s endless capacity for customisation, meaning that they became benchmark models within their markets from the very moment they were launched. Our X35+ electric system is very lightweight, weighing only 3.5 kg in total, so it is perfect for any kind of bike. The motor located on the back axle doesn’t interfere with the pedalling and only provides you with the assistance that you need, supporting your effort at all times but without you ever losing control or the sensation of cycling. All the other components are also perfectly integrated into these bikes with the MAHLE X35+ system, helping to keep the design sleek, minimalist and attractive, maintaining the appearance of a conventional bike. Now let’s briefly present each of these new models Merida eSCULTURA: With this new model, Merida has managed to reinvent one of the brand’s most beloved road bikes. It is an evolution of an acclaimed classic model that is perfect for both professionals and amateurs, now adapted to a new era to significantly elevate the potential of the bike and of every user. Merida eSILEX: Exploring new paths has always been fun, and with this bike it will be even better. You will now be able to go even further and higher, as this bike combines both physical and mechanical effort to allow you to push yourself further on every ride, without excessive exhaustion. Merida eSPEEDER:    While eSCULTURA is an evolution of a classic model, the new eSPEEDER has managed to take urban transport one step further. An agile and lightweight bike that can adapt to your day-to-day life in the city and to all of your needs, wherever you’re going. Now that you have everything you need to get around safely, there’s nothing stopping you from using a bike for all your journeys.

Merida eSilex 600 – Winner 2021 gravel bikes

January 20, 2021
Design & Innovation 2021 Award https://design-innovation-award.com/de/winner/merida-esilex-600/ “With the eSILEX+ 600, MERIDA have positioned themselves in the exciting and ever-growing E-gravel bike sector at a reasonable price of less than € 3,000, making the leap into ebikes possible for many gravel fans. The MAHLE rear hub motor is sleekly integrated into the frame and does its duties quietly and reliably. The feel of the motor at the 25 km/h assistance limit is pleasant, resulting in a natural ride feel. The wide 650 x 47B tires provide enough grip and comfort on challenging gravel and, together with the high stability and a comfortable and relaxed riding position, make the eSILEX+ 600 the perfect choice for gravel and ebike beginners. Thanks to numerous mounting points for bottles, luggage, mudguards and racks, the range of uses is extended enormously to everything from E-bikepacking, E-touring to E-commuting, rounding out the coherent package of the MERIDA eSILEX+ 600 – and all that at great value for money.”   MERIDA Website https://www.merida-bikes.com/en/news/detail/716/eSILEX%2B+600+to+win+Design+%26+Innovation+Award+2021

Greg LeMond revolutionises the world of bikes with their new e-bikes

December 20, 2020
Professional cyclists have long been able to successfully communicate their needs to bike and component manufacturers, leading to major innovations in the industry. Today these developments have become almost commonplace, but at the time they seemed like a real technological revolution. So it is in 2020, when it seemed like everything had already been invented, that Greg LeMond, one of the most important cyclists in history, put together an impressive team of international professionals from the world of cycling and innovative technology to evolve the recent concept of lightweight e-bikes. Something that MAHLE is directly involved in, with their X35+ pedal-assist hybrid systems. LeMond has released two new bikes that weigh just 27.2 pounds in their basic models. This was achieved thanks to the use of carbon fibre in the frame, mudguards, basket and cargo rack, in addition to the lightweight MAHLE X35+ drive system, making this bike without a doubt one of the lightest options on the market right now. Let’s find out a bit more about these two incredible bikes under the LeMond name: LeMond Prolog    Just one quick glance will tell you immediately that the LeMond Prolog is faster, lighter and more agile than any other bike available right now. And this will be confirmed from the moment you climb onto it and start pedalling. The premium components used in this bike will make every ride a unique and incredibly enjoyable experience. The cables and electrical system have been carefully integrated into the bike, allowing you to enjoy every curve of its frame, and the revolutionary light system has also been successfully integrated to achieve an appearance that has never been seen before, to produce the perfect bike.   LeMond Dutch The Dutch is a bike that you’ll fall in love with.  Equally beautiful and functional, this timeless bike is clearly inspired by the design of famous Dutch bikes. But LeMond has managed to remove all the traditional elements of these kinds of bikes that make them less effective for everyday use, replacing each with a new solution. This bike is incredibly lightweight and will never be cumbersome for the user, whether it they be riding or carrying it, and the MAHLE X35+ system enables it to adapt to you and your needs at all times. The Dutch contains many of the same high-quality components as the LeMond Prolog, so you can fully enjoy this bike at any time and in any situation. Both models are available in three colours (white, black and pink), making them ideal for anyone. These new releases from the team at LeMond will surely be the future of e-bikes. The incredibly intricate and minimalist design of these bikes will make it impossible to tear your eyes away, as you marvel at each and every little detail.

Möve Airy: the ultimate in urban transport

October 12, 2020
Möve, one of the oldest bike brands in Germany, has just released their latest pedal-assist e- bike incorporating the new MAHLE X35+ system. A bike designed to move quickly and efficiently through any city, ideal for all users. The most impressive feature of this minimalist hybrid bike is how perfectly it integrates each of the high-end components included as standard, making it one of the best options if you’re looking for a new urban bike for 2021. An extremely light urban electric bike, weighing in at just 15 kg. This low weight was achieved thanks to the Möve 7020 AI aluminium frame and the lightweight MAHLE X35+ drive system. And remember that this weight includes all the accessories that come as standard, such as the pannier rack, fender, Supernova front and rear lights, etc., everything you could need to get around the city every day. The versatile and highly customizable motor maps in the MAHLE X35+ electric system are perfectly complemented by the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system, providing excellent performance and a bike that provides subtle and balanced assistance, while avoiding any bothersome noise and ensuring minimal maintenance for months to come. The new Möve Airy from Möve is available in three stylish colours, to suit all tastes: Black and grey in a matt finish, and glossy white. Just like all the bikes that integrate the lightweight MAHLE X35 drive system, the Möve Airy is compatible with various accessories, such as the Range Extender external battery, the new Pulsar ONE smart display and the ebikemotion app available for iOS and Android, so you can achieve maximum performance from your bike. For more information and to discover all the customization options Möve offers for this bike, visit their website: https://www.moeve-bikes.de/products/airy  

MAHLE Pulsar ONE: the smart display for X35 systems

October 7, 2020
Alongside the launch of their spectacular Orbea Gain 2021, MAHLE also released another new innovative electric and hybrid bike product onto the international market: the Pulsar ONE smart display. A high-contrast wireless display that not only provides you with precise and detailed information about each of your rides, but also enables you to view the additional information produced by the bike’s electric system, in a clear and simple way. One of the best features of this display is its minimal energy consumption and long-life battery, so you won’t have to worry about your battery running out each time you go on a ride. The Pulsar ONE was designed to work perfectly with the iWoc ONE “all-in-one” control button, so you can access all the information related to your system and your ride directly from your handlebars. It also provides additional safety for the rider, as you can now change the assist level or turn on the lights comfortably and safely from the Pulsar ONE display, with barely any need to move your hands from their natural position on the handlebars. Pulsar ONE offers an IP67 rated water and dust resistance, making it the ideal accessory whatever the conditions. This smart display is also an ANT+ device, meaning you can connect almost any kind of compatible sensor and integrate it into the system. Heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, pedal sensors and various other devices can be connected simultaneously and wirelessly, to maintain the clean design of your bike. The additional information provided by these new sensors integrated into the system can be viewed on the PULSAR ONE screen. MAHLE has developed two options to enable you to fix the display perfectly to your handlebars. There is the sport mount, which is designed to avoid affecting the aerodynamic properties of sports bikes, and also the urban mount, which is much more practical and functional, perfect for any cyclist. Pulsar ONE is also compatible with other attachment systems, such as Garmin®. The new display for MAHLE eBikes is compatible with all X35+ and X35 MAHLE ebikemotion systems, but for older versions you will need to update the system for ANT+ connectivity with MAHLE GXA. Check with your regular distributor to ensure an optimum integration of the display into your system.

Islabikes eICONS: REDDOT 2020 Award for the best product design

April 20, 2020
Since its inception, Islabikes has been a world leader in children’s bikes. But for a few years now, it has also been spearheading the market of specially designed bikes for the over 65s. The brand has always been renowned for integrating major innovations in its bikes, achieving fully ergonomic, functional and accessible developments for all, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Islabikes manages to make cycling and moving around by bike not only a fun and healthy activity, but also suitable for absolutely everyone. And what would happen if we combined the most iconic Islabikes versions with the MAHLE ebikemotion hybrid pedalling systems? Well we now have the answer, in the form of the eICONS range. What’s more, its launch was accompanied by one of the biggest recognitions in the product design industry sector. The first contact that this new range of hybrid bikes has had with users could not have been more successful. The Red Dot jury, one of the most symbolic awards in industrial design, awarded it the “Product Design 2020” recognition for excellence in its design and innovation. Red Dot have been global leaders since 1954 and often set future trends that are almost certainly to be implemented in the mainstream in the coming years. This is one of the best recognitions for all of the work done by Islabikes since it began. The first two electric versions of eICONS are the eJanis (road version) and the eJimi (mountain bike version) Islabikes models. They stand out for the smooth, controlled and non-intimidating pedalling assistance provided by our light systems, also achieving a total weight of just 14 kg, something which up until a few years ago was unthinkable for an electric bike. The eJanis and eJimi Islabikes models will be available to the general public at the start of summer 2020 and you can stay completely up to date with all the latest news on them by subscribing to the Islabikes website at this link: Electric Icons

Ingenious design: iF Gold Award 2020 for Schindelhauer Arthur

April 17, 2020
Although Schindelhauer is one of the world leaders in urban bike design, perhaps until now its electrical developments clashed with the careful minimalist design for which the German brand is renowned. However, its approach to electric bikes changed radically when the hybrid pedalling assistance system by MAHLE ebikemotion X35 was integrated into a Schindelhauer, resulting in a spectacular bike like Arthur. Pure lines and maximum attention to detail for a visually impeccable light electric bike (13.4 kg). And just as Arthur is about to be available to the general public, Schindelhauer has received one of the highest international recognitions in the world of product design with the iF Gold Award 2020. The iF Design Awards have been rewarding and promoting excellence in industrial design since as early as 1953, identifying, supporting and promoting design work and versatility in our daily lives.  This year, the Schindelhauer Arthur was selected for its Gold Award by 78 industry experts out of more than 7,300 participants from 56 different countries. The iF Awards jury highlighted the very ingenious way the electrical system had been integrated, making this bike the greatest exponent of minimalist design. From the outset, Schindelhauer has been backing bikes and pedalling assistance systems as some of the greatest exponents of urban mobility, making the abandonment of fossil fuel-based transport systems 100% feasible. With its arrival on the market in November 2020, Arthur will take the next step to achieve just that. More info in Schindelhauer web:  https://www.schindelhauerbikes.com/en/Arthur-wins-iF-gold-award-for-its-ingenious-design/

Wilier Cento10 Hybrid: Design and exclusivity ahead of its time.

January 17, 2020
When it seemed that Wilier had hit a high point in the world of hybrid road bikes with the Cento1 Hybrid, the Italian halberd brand aimed even higher with a spectacular lightweight hybrid road bike design, the incredible Wilier Cento10 Hybrid. The most innovative bike of today that is ready to lead the high-end e-bike market for many years. Its extreme lightness is noted with a weight of around 10.5 kg, something achieved thanks to a 7% reduction in the weight of the frame, the monocoque handlebars and the development of the most lightweight electric system on the market: the MAHLE ebikemotion X35+. This reduction in weight is also reflected in the battery life, reaching up to 4.5% optimisation. Always looking to maintain all the essence of a conventional bike, Cento10 Hybrid has a total integration so far only seen in more exclusive models, and its design is reflected in a significant 8% aerodynamic improvement compared to CENTO1 hybrid.   Another point to be noted is the increase in driving safety that Wilier has achieved in this development, innovating and achieving a fantastic integration of our iWoc ONE on the handlebars, making any interaction with them when driving safer and more functional. All these points have already been praised by the specialist international press and were also backed by the judges of the Eurobike Awards 2019 with one of the top global prizes, which named this bike as overall winner in the electric road bike category in 2019 and the prestigious Design & Innovation award elected by international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts. There is no question that the Wilier Cento10 Hybrid will be one of the greatest models in the future of road bikes over the next few years, and here at MAHLE ebikemotion, we are extremely proud to have participated in this development.
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