ebikemotion® Technologies S.L.

The reference questions always are who, why and where. ebikemotion® Technologies Limited Soc. was founded as new company in August 2015. The big difference with other company models like the startups is that ebikemotion® Tech. is created by automotive consolidate companies using their own funds, facilities and human staff. All the expertise of the members has been put at the service of the project team to create a product and solution with sense by the point of view of the experience in all the fields of development of it.

The B2B e-bike company

ebikemotion® Technologies Limited Soc. is 100% B2B A.D.N. company. We are in the market not for establishing commercial networks to supply the product to the end user creating typical business B2C. Our business model is focused into give the best professional service to the e-bike assembler or manufacturer to create the best product and solutions adapted to their necessities. That means that we can adapt completely our platform with our or your specific design including in the product the personal vision of the customer making it exclusive. The final solution then can add your own design, applications and hardware adapted to your company to be completely different to the rest a adding your expertise and ideas, or if you wish, you can use our standard platform adapted to your protocol and targets.

Our business card is the partner group ones

ebikemotion® has created as a new comp any where the members mainly supply to the company apart of funds, solutions, staff and facilities. This is the best guarantee that you can get of us. The members of the ebikemotion® shareholding are suppliers of R+D or goods. By this way the company Stagemotion S.L. is the product team leader, supplying software solutions (APP and WEB), 3D Design, Marketing and electronic pre-design (16 people in Palencia and Germany). Mahle Nagares S.A. is the industrial branch of the company with more than 50 engineers working in our R+D centre in Mahle Electronics S.A. (Valencia) and 450 people in the production plant (Motilla del Palancar, Cuenca).

The Turnover of the member ebikemotion® companies is more than 80 M€ per year with own offices and staff in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Moscow, China, Tunisia, Colombia, USA & Brazil.

But even more, STAGEMOTION S.L. participates in a big CONSORTIUM with the BISITE R+D CENTRE of the University of Salamanca, including in the project more than 30 engineers, doctors and professors that collaborate in intensive way in the development of the APP software, making it really innovative and professional conforming one of the most important parts and basements of the project.

Participants in the company shareholding

  • BISITE USAL (RD Center)


The industrial muscle of ebikemotion® Technologies and Headquarters of Mahle Nagares Group. Undoubtedly one of the most important and international electronic automotive companies of Spain. With more than 71M € of turnover and several factories (for assembling, electronic production and I+D Centers), Mahle Nagares is the part of the project that supply the market experience, the production knowledge and the expertise to give to our customers (bicycle & motorbike manufacturers) the best solutions in the best and more safety way. Actually Mahle Nagares is TIER1 and OEM supplier for many automotive companies like Mercedes Benz, Renault and a large etc. In the Factory in Motilla (Spain) they support all the production process. SMT Assembly, Plastic Injection & Metal Stamping, Final Assemblies and worldwide delivery

gnd_stagemotionMahle Electrónica Valencia (Development Mahle Nagares Group), Founded in 1989 is HW, SW and EMC research, development and validation center for the Mahle Nagares and also for ebikemotion® product. They are specialized in Mechanical and thermal research, development and validation, Manufacturing systems research and development. Main R&D activities in Mahle Electronics S.A. (GND building), in Technological Park of Valencia in Paterna (Spain). More than 60 engineers dedicated to pure research and development. The Mahle Electronics S.A. Valladolid Team is focused into move to ebikemotion® Technologies components the automotive experience and way to do of Nagares Group.

grupelec-nagaresMahle Electronics Valladolid S.A. is one of the production centers that produce the ebikemotion® parts. The installations are less than 50km of the ebikemotion Technologies Headquarters what give to us the possibility to interact with the production team in the best way.
With 25 employees, Mahle Electronics Valladolid S.A. counts with a high technology equipment for the thick film hybrid circuit manufacturing inside a clean room, twin from the one existing in the main site manufacturing at Mahle Nagares in Motilla del Palancar.
In this way, Mahle Nagares group counts with two similar clean rooms placed in different locations, increasing up to a high level the safety in key processes. Moreover, Grupelec Electronica produces other electronic systems and components sold by Mahle Nagares group out of automotive sector.

stagemotion_ebikemotionStagemotion is an aftermarket Automotive Company founded in 2009 and focused in electronic tracking, communication, navigation and infotainment system. Stagemotion supply three different types of products to the automotive market focused on Bluetooth® communication, multimedia and navigation devices based on CAN BUS or MOST protocols. The company has grown and shown a profit every year and owns more than US$3.0M in facilities, funding, stock and investments. In early 2014 the company opened a new e-mobility division for projects related to green energies, electric vehicles and hardware and software solutions for them that was the seed of ebikemotion®. Now more than 50% of StageMotion staff if full focused in e-bike projects. The StageMotion building is actually the headquarters of ebikemotion® Technologies, focused in Product Design, Product Managing and Customer support.

bisite_ebikemotionThe Bioinformatics, Intelligent Systems and Educational Technology (BISITE) Research Group (bisite.usal.es) at the University of Salamanca (www.usal.es), Spain, brings together a group of researchers interested primarily in the development and application of intelligent computer systems to various types of problems. BISITE is characterized by its multi-disciplinary and inter-university approach. Its members boast a diverse Profile: computer scientists, biologists, chemists, physicists, oceanographers and economists.
BISITE is one of the 2 RD centers of ebikemotion focused mainly in e-bike APP software. Some of the algorithms that use the platform in relation with range, altitude, autonomy, etc. are designed by this team. The BISITE Group collaborates with the most important Universities of the world in 5 continents and has a large and extended number of international partners in the technical industry. Among the BISITE team’s notable partners are organizations such as NATO, IBM, Telefónica, Iberdrola and a large list of holding companies

C/ Orfebres, 10 – 34004 – Palencia – Spain
Phone: (+34) 810 101 201
Email: hello@ebikemotion.com
C/ Orfebres, 10 – 34004 – Palencia – Spain
Phone: (+34) 979 113 200 – Ext.301
Email: hello@ebikemotion.com
Ctra. Valencia, 16200 – Motilla del Palancar,
Cuenca – Spain
Phone: (+34) 969 180 021
C/ Espejo 12
Salamanca – Spain
Phone: (+34) 923 294 400

Calle Nicolás Copérnico, 12
Paterna, Valencia – Spain
Phone: (+34) 961 366 014
Parque Tec. Castilla León, P.132
Valladolid – Spain
Phone: (+34) 983 548 008

our Partners

These are only a few of samples of the OEM companies that we are collaborating with

EBIKEMOTION® TECNOLOGIES S.L. is a company member of AMBE (Trademark and bikes Spain Association)
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