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  • the e-bike Smart Platform

    The flexible B2B e-bike platform for OEMs, to create your own new generation of e-bikes

  • The incoming e-bike

    ebikemotion® offer to you e-bike electronics (HMI, Control and Propulsion) to create your own e-bike.
  • ebikemotion® "Platform"

    Where technology and incoming future comes together to build your connected e-bike.

We Are

Ebikemotion® Technologies is company based in Europe and founded by bicycle enthusiast in the bosom of Mechatronic Automotive Group that offer e-bike electronic components for OEM integration.

HMI, Control & more

Our company roadmap include e-bike HMI, APPs, Display, Remote and GPS Tracker (2014-2016), Smart Motor Control and Smart BMS with Diagnostic tools (2016-2017) and for (2017-2018) new important e-bike components.

AD-HOC system for OEMs

Our platform can be used under our standards or adapted to your OEM specifications (protocol and requirements) to create your own e-bike product portfolio. We support CAN BUS as standard as well as UART, Serial and RS485.

Flexible & Modular

Only need our display, perhaps the Smart Motor Controller or one special combination of components with light or big modifications? We are your solution. You can use our standard system or we can fully adapt to your project.

Just B2B for OEMs

User, Smart Watch and Dealer APP, robust backend infraestructure, Web Backoffice, GPS tracker, charging port, gateways, HMI, Smart Remote, Motor Controller and incoming products will give to you a global strategy for the future.

One Plaform for the future

Users and dealers APP, Backend, Backoffice, GPS tracker, charging port, gateways, HMI, Smart Remote and Motor Controller and incoming products will give to you a global strategy for the future.

Our Products & Services

  • X35
  • HMI
  • WEB APPs

Motor HUB Drive M1

36V – 250w, Max. Torque: 40N.m, Ratio: 14:1, Maximum speed: 25km/h, Diameter: 100 mm, Compatible 11v & Brake Disk, Weight 2.1 Kg, Spokes: 32/14G, Assambling by 2 Allen nuts.

Smart Color Display

2,2″ Screen, ARM cortex A7 architecture, Linux OS, 6/17V, CAN BUS Compatible, 3G Axis Accelerometer & Wifi, High efficiency & performance, Bluetooth© BLE 4.2.

Inner Tube Battery

· 36V 250W Panasonic 18650GA – 10S/2P, CAN BUS Compatible (Smart), Balanced, Head light and USB output.

Recharge Point

CAN BUS included (charger, diagnosis and extra Battery connection), Codded connection, Max. 12A for external battery and 2A for charging, Diagnosis by CAN Adapter, computer, tablet or by bluetooth. Cover Tap Included.

PAS Sensor

40 pulses, Magnetized NUT, Own algorimt & electronic to detect pedaling based in freewheel.

Xtra Power

36V 250W Panasonic 18650GA-10S/2PCAN BUS Compatible (Smart), Balanced operation as charger or independent battery, Adding the energy 250W +250W.



Bluetooth® and wired programmable Smart remote control for e-bikes with e-bike APP control based in CAN BUS or SERIAL communication.


iWoc® TRIO

On, Off, Lights, Walk Mode and Display control. Information by RGB LED. Can Bus compatible and Vibration function under patent.

iWoc® ONE

ebikemotion® iWoc® ONE is a simple solution to control e-bikes by the combination of a single iButton and an small iModule that includes Bluetooth®.


USB on-Wired

Power supply to be included in the wiring of e-bike display or remote control iWoc® to charge the smartphone or other device that supports USB port


ebikemotion® APP

Avanced e-bike APP (iOS and Android) to use the smartphone as advance e-bike computer. Support iWoc remote control, STRAVA and hundred functions.


ebikemotion® Dealer APP

Special APP for Dealers to make fast e-bike diagnostic, activation or status control of e-bike system and Updating the firmware of devices by Bluetooth®.


ebikemotion® SmartWatch APP

The best way to keep your smartphone safety in your pocket getting in your smartwatch the appropriate information each time.


ebikemotion® Web User Dashboard

ebikemotion® Web Dashboard is a WEB SITE that put together all your activity information in combination with your e-bike information and combines even with third platforms as STRAVA™, Facebook® or Twitter.


ebikemotion® Web OEM Back office

ebikemotion® Web OEM Backoffice help to you to create your e-bikes, assign to them parts with serial numbers, control the assembling, update and create process to control each part from factory to dealer.


Smart Motor Controller

CAN BUS sinewave motor controllers with cusomtizable map system and automotive high quality ends for HUB and Mid Drive Motors.



Modular electronic box to communicate any e-bike system with other devices using different communication protocols at the same time (CAN/SERIAL/ANALOG signals).


GPS Tracker

e-bike GPS Tracker solution with active antenna and Global Operator SIM on Chip. Diagnostic and Update operations as well as tracking or status checking. Based in CAN BUS technology.


ebikemotion® Backend

The Backend Web services consist of all server infrastructure, firewalls, balancing systems, cluster and backups of our platform. The backend is replicable and allows dynamic grow depending on the workload and the number of users to move freely throughout the system.


ebikemotion® API

ebikemotion® API is a set of Web Services that give to you access to the information that we host in our databases about your users in a transparent way.


ebikemotion® OEM Production APP

ebikemotion® OEM Production APP is a tool designed for OEM under Windows to check in production that all ebikemotion® components are installed propertly and with the correct firmware, updating in real time and creating the e-bike in our system for future control.


Ebikemotion® works around the whole world. Our e-bike customers and projects is the better credential of what we can do for you.

Success Stories

Motor, Battery and e-bike component manufacturers. These are only a few of samples of the OEM companies that we are collaborating with

Our Timming

  • 2013 - Brain Storming

    Market and technical analysis of the art first approach to the e-bike world. Worldwide open contacts.

  • 2014 – Planning & Patens

    Ebikemotion® borns as project. Creation of 1st Business Plan, Patents and first concept products.

  • 2014-15 HMI

    1st Stage of project. Creation of e-bike APP framework. iWoc® remote control and HMI devices like Display, e-bike APP and GPS Tracker

  • Eurobike 2015

    Presentation of the platform and Product Porfolio. First contacts with OEMs and first contracts close for the MY2017

  • 2015-16 Smart Control

    2nd Stage of Project. Development of a new Smart Motor Controller Platform and BMS based in Automotive Standards and more efficient

  • Eurobike 2016

    Presentation of Smart Motor Controller and BMS and first OEM e-bikes that use our technology of Stages 1 and 2 (e-bikes of MY2017)

  • New e-bike Components

    Development of a new group of Smart and efficient new e-bike components to complete our platform.

  • Eurobike 2018

    Presentation of first OEM e-bikes that include our complete technology and Platform(e-bikes of MY2019).

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