Discover the "e-beauty" of cycling

Together, our challenge was reached. Higher mountains, longer distances and in a shorter time.

Water, earth, cold, heat, tears, happiness, so many feelings, so many emotions.

Respect in each kilometer; in every fall, in every peak, in every achievement, we did this… together.

Everything is still here, but as we have learned the most beautiful part is the one we may overlook.

Together we enjoyed everything that surrounded us, doing what we loved the most.

The impossible becomes possible now…

Discover what ebikemotion and its SMART HIBRID solutions can do for you.

ebikemotion proposes you rediscover cycling. We evolved the concept of e-bike towards a new segment “The Hibrids”.

A powerful solution that allows you to enjoy all the sensations that a bicycle brings without losing its essence or the purest cycling. In this way the bike does not lose its own identity, its sleek style and design.

A lightweight package that simplifies the use and maneuverability, together with an infinite personalization capacity, allows us an unlimited set of personalizations of our system: XC, Road, Gravel, Urban…

Discover what ebikemotion and its SMART HIBRID solutions can do for you.

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"X35, reinventing the future"

Assistance with pedaling without losing sensations and sportsmanship are finally possible, we present the “e-beauty”.

The HUB X35 engine, the careful integration of the battery and the innovative control system make the X35 System the best choice for a new segment of light bikes or “HIBRID bikes.”

Even disconnected, the high level of integration, small size and weight will give the possibility to create and design products that make one feel again the e-beauty of cycling…

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