X35 – Light & Smart eBike System

At a time when most of the sector is looking towards a powerful electric bike, which involves high consumption and, therefore, large batteries and system and cost increases, almost reaching the motorbike concept, ebikemotion introduced an idea that may seem obsolete in the market. However, from the perspective of efficiency and optimisation, we have managed to recover the resources, creating a propulsion system (engine, battery, HMI, etc.) that offers the manufacturers of eBikes the chance to make something different, something that does not look like an eBike, something light (actually below 12 kg). A system with an uncommon autonomy that also allows the user to enjoy the feeling of cycling with an ordinary bicycle (non-electric).

We are talking about the X35, the first of a large family of propulsion products that will give your bike its identity back.

Motor M1 36V/250W, 250 W Battery, HMI, wiring & accessories with just a weight of 3,5Kg and totally transparent for the user when motor is switched off.

A New Market

When some years ago they talked about electric bikes, we all had the idea of a city bike, with an engine on the wheel and a battery in the carrier. Who would have thought that the market’s future would be the e-MTB. The eBike engine has gone through several versions: HUB, Central…

Nowadays, ebikemotion advocates for a new concept, mini-Hub and mini-Central engines that lower the weight, get rid of mechanical friction and optimise the power so that manufacturers can create new bike models. Genuine e-Race bikes or e-Gravel bikes, or even commuting bikes that just seem like ordinary bikes when looked at or lifted from the floor.

The first one of the ebikemotion Series “X” systems to arrive on the market is the X35, a light propulsion system based on a rear HUB engine, with incredible potential and only 3.5 kg for the entire system, this is: Battery + Engine + Charge point + HMI and cabling. This weight, combined with a battery of less than 48 mm section (non-removable and under patent), allows the manufacturing of electrical road bikes with weights that range between 12 and 14 kg, in aluminium, and below 12 kg in carbon. But they also add a series of improvements:

  • X35 includes its own pedalling sensor (under patent) that enables the manufacturer to install the desired bottom bracket system. This way they get rid of friction, and they achieve very smooth system starts and stops, offering the user a conventional bike when the electrical system is not switched on. This is completely impossible in a central engine.
  • The battery has everything in a single body —engine control, cabling, BMS— and it remains fixed on the inside of the downtube. However, this is not a problem. Up to two external batteries can be connected to the system to reach 750W, with autonomies of more than 250 km (or 75 km with the internal battery).
  • The engine offers an incredible torque thanks to its gearing, reaching 40 Nm in the wheel axis, and with an optimal result at speeds between 15 and 25 km. These are ideal for commuting, city or road, right where it is needed: when ascending. Simple and efficient. The essence of the “less is more” concept is carried out in an elegant way and studying the smallest detail.solution for commuting, city or road just when you need, during uphill.

The HMI interface breaks the moulds. The HMI CAN bus enables the connection of different solutions, from a single button with RGB LED integrated into the box, to a remote control of 3 or 5 buttons and a new-generation colour display based on the Cortex A7 processor. Of course, the APP platform is fully compatible.


    Mode, APP & Display Control
  • Information by RGB LED
  • 7 singal LED for notification
  • CAN BUS compatible
  • Bluetooth BLE 4.1


    Mode & Display Control
  • Information by RGB LED
  • CAN BUS compatible
  • Vibration Function (under patent)

iWoc ONE

  • ON, OFF & LIGHT Control
  • Battery & Assist Level
  • Information by RGB LED
  • Smart and Compact for race
    e-bikes6V, CAN BUS Compatible

Motor HUB Drive M1

  • 36V 250w – Max. Torque: 40N.m -Ratio: 14:1
  • Maximum Speed: 26km/h
  • 11v & Brake Disk compatible
  • Diameter 100 mm – Weight 2.1 Kg – Black
  • Spokes: 32/14G
  • Assembling by 2 Allen nuts

PASS Sensor

  • 40 pulses
  • Magnetized NUT
  • Own algorimt & electronic to detect pedaling based in freewheel

Smart Motor Controller

  • 36V
  • CAN BUS Compatible
  • Bluetooth BLE 4.1
  • High efficiency & performance.

Inner Tube Battery

  • 36V, 250W Panasonic
    18650GA – 10S/2P
  • CAN BUS Compatible (Smart)
  • Balanced
  • Head light and USB output.

Recharge Point

  • CAN BUS included (for charger,
    diagnosis & extra Battery connection)
  • Codded connection
  • Max. 12A for external battery and 2A for charging
  • Diagnosis by CAN Adapter & computer
    or tablet or by bluetooth

Xtra Power

  • 36V 250W
    Pannasonic 18650GA – 10S/2P
  • CAN BUS Compatible (Smart)
  • Balanced operation as charger or independent battery
    adding the energy 250 + 250

each e-Bike is Different

Complete your X35 System

Smart Color Display GPS Tracker User & Dealer Apps

Starting Pack

At ebikemotion we don’t want you to leave anything behind, and we want the bike you design to be perfect. This is why we created the Starting pack.

It includes a series of demo Kits so that you can start developing the product, as well as comprehensive technical documentation, including 3D, models and integration examples.

Our engineering team will also check the 3D design of your eBike to make sure you didn’t forget anything and that the integration is suitable. Our software engineers will also carry out verifications and work with your mobility managers in the customisation of the behaviour of you eBike. Inner downtube battery X35 (250W) (Smart BMS & engine controller inside).

Each X35 OEM Pack Includes

  • Inner Tube X35 battery X35 (250W) (Smart BMS & motor controller inside)
  • Lightweight X35 Hub engine
  • Remote control (ONE, iWoc or TRIO depending of your electrion.
  • Charger, Wiring & accessories
  • PAS sensor for freewheel
  • ebikemotion APP maps license
  • User environment and OEM Ebikemotion Platform.

The following are optional elements:

  • One Smart Display
  • Battery Extra Power 250W
  • GPS Tracker (Location and remote diagnosis system)
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